Get A Fresh New Look With White Wall Tiles

Not sure what style of tile you want……………….? White wall tiles are the perfect choice for many styles of kitchens and bathrooms.

White tiles are often under appreciated and classed as being too stark and clinical. But you shouldn’t underestimate the impact that a fresh modern white wall tile can make on your room. We think that white tiles are a great choice if you want to give your room a light spacious feeling; they are the ideal canvas for creating something that is both unique and individual to your own tastes and requirements.

Decorative tiles and mosaics can be included within your design to add colour and personality; white of course goes with everything, leaving you with an endless choice of co-ordinating colour options.

There are numerous styles and sizes of white wall tiles, ranging from 100 x100 up to 600x300mm. They can be gloss or matt, smooth, bumpy or textured with rounded edges, bevel edges or straight cut edges.

A gloss white tile is a great option for anyone with very little natural light in their room, smooth surfaces are easy to clean and larger tiles will make a room look more spacious than it really is.

So the next time you are looking for new bathroom or kitchen wall tiles don’t discount the additional benefits of the humble white tile!

Floor Tile Favourites!

What are your preferences for floor covering, wood, laminate, carpet or tiles? Some of our customers come to us undecided and unsure of which way to go. We always advise them that porcelain or ceramic floor tiles are a really great choice but of course we are slightly biased; we can’t help but love our own product!

wood effect floor tiles

Putting bias aside there are many advantageous benefits to fitting floor tiles in your home. They are incredibly practical, they are easily cleaned, and they are available in a vast array of different sizes, textures and colours. Floor tiles are also really great for use with underfloor heating, keeping your feet warm and cosy when the weather starts to turn a little cooler.

Porcelain and ceramic floor tiles are incredibly versatile and are often manufactured to look like something else such as slate, travertine or even wood. We have recently added to our superb range of fabulous affordable floor tiles which now includes a new range of ceramic wood effect floor tiles. They are a great option for bathrooms; unlike the real thing they won’t warp or require any sanding or varnishing!

Now are you starting to see why we are such a fan of floor tiles?


What Three Things Are Important When Buying Kitchen And Bathroom Tiles?


Everybody’s busy lives are becoming increasingly squeezed for time and cash, so it’s not surprising that many of our customers are buying their kitchen and bathroom tiles based on 3 essential things; price, quality and ease of cleaning!

These 3 things become especially important for anyone who is renovating a property to rent. The buy to rent market is still a very popular way to earn a living and we are finding that an increasing number of our customers are buying wall and floor tiles for holiday cottages that they intend to rent out through the summer months.

If you are renovating a rental property this year, the last thing you will want to do is spend a fortune on tiles that you can’t guarantee will be looked after as well as you would do yourself. So quality budget tiles are going to be top of your priority list.

Tiles with a non- textured surface are always going to be so much easier to keep looking their absolute best; smooth glazed surfaces can be cleaned with ease, quickly!

The tiles4all website is the perfect place to browse for budget tiles; we buy in bulk, so that we can offer some of the best prices around…….. Perfect for when every penny counts!

We know that buying tiles can be a stressful business so we try to make things as easy as possible for all our customers. Our website is easy to browse, our ordering system is straight forward and efficient and our staff are always friendly. Give us a call today we would be more than happy to help with your enquiries. We can be found at!

What Are Tiles4all’s Fashion Conscious Customers Exited About?


bathroom accessoriesOur fashion conscious customers are always looking for style, at a price that’s right. So when we introduced a range of affordable chrome accessories, we anticipated a flurry of excitement.


We weren’t disappointed; our customers seem to love our selection of contemporary bathroom accessories. They include toilet roll holders, shower baskets, towel rails, towel rings, soap dish holders, glass cup holders and robe hooks; the perfect finishing touch for a fashionable bathroom!


So if you are a new customer to tiles4all and are browsing our website for bathroom tiles, don’t forget to take a look at our polished chrome on stainless steel bathroom accessories.


Making a Splash with Splashback Tiles!

black splashback tiles

We all know that washing, cooking and bathing are activities that produce a certain amount of excess splashes that can be damaging to the surrounding environment. Sinks, baths, basins, hobs and ovens are all areas around the home that need a little extra protection from these everyday splashes and stains. So even if you don’t want to tile the whole area, it’s a really good idea to create a tiled splashback to protect the surrounding walls, this will also help enormously with keeping things clean!

Glazed tiles are available in a range of different colours and styles, so whether you want to create a kitchen splashback or a bathroom splashback there is going to be plenty of choice. Mosaic tiles are also a very appealing and fashionable option for any type of splashback, they are relatively easy to fit and can easily be shaped around any tricky areas.

Children and baths are always going to be a messy combination, so it really is essential that this area is protected from any of those fun splashy baths that kids just love to have! Choosing the height of your splashback in this area is important, it’s surprising just where all that water goes and you really don’t want any water damage on areas that are not protected.

It’s the same principle with cooking areas; tomato sauce has a habit of splashing everywhere, especially when it’s bubbling away on the hob. Tile this area and you can simply wash these splashes away; no need to worry about messy cooks!

Tiles4all have a superb selection of tiles and mosaics suitable for splashbacks, take a look at our website or give us a call, we are always happy to help.