Five Handy Tips To Help With Your New Kitchen And Bathroom Tiling Projects

mosaic kitchen tiles

Do you long for a new kitchen or bathroom but can’t bear the thought of all the upheaval? If this is how you feel then you are not on your own, though expense may come top of the list of reasons not to update your home, many of our customers browsing for new bathroom and kitchen tiles tell us that the mess, finding and organising various reputable trades people, moving furniture and emptying cupboards is what really got them in a fluster.

These projects are never going to be completely stress free, so here are five handy tips to help smooth the way:

First of all ensure that you are completely comfortable with anyone working in your home, friends and family recommendations are always a good option. Check references, qualifications and ask for photos of previous works completed wherever you can.

  • Once you have found a kitchen or bathroom fitter that you trust you may find that they have a list of contacts that they can recommend for further jobs, such as tilers, plasterers, joiners and electricians.
  • Look on the task of clearing out cupboards as a golden opportunity to de-clutter, throw out or recycle anything you don’t need or haven’t used in the last year. Anything you are not sure about pack away in a box, save for a year and if you don’t need to open the box you know you never really needed anything in it.
  • Choosing new kitchen units, worktops, sanitary ware and tiles is something to be enjoyed not endured!
  • Remember that the tradesmen taking over your home will only be there for a short time and once they have gone you will be left with a fabulous new bathroom or kitchen, complete with stylish new wall and floor tiles.

Of course we are slightly biased when it comes to choosing new tiles, but there is such a fabulous range of affordable kitchen and bathroom tiles around right now that we can’t help but be excited about our ranges.

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What Is This Years Trend For Bathroom And Kitchen Tiles?

If you are still living with bathroom or kitchen wall tiles that are at least 20 years old you will notice a huge change in current styles.

You may have noticed that wall and floor tiles have become much larger in recent years. We find that a lot of our customers haven’t changed their tiles for a while and think that smaller tiles are preferable. It’s not until we show them that a slightly larger tile can actually make their room look more spacious and modern that they really appreciate the changes they can make to give their homes a more updated feel.

Shopping for tiles has changed dramatically in the last 20 years so it’s not surprising that a lot of our customers feel a little overwhelmed at the choice available.

This year’s interior trend sees feature walls becoming a big hit, especially in the bathroom. Accent wall tiles are gradually taking over from the usual border tiles that have been so popular over the last few years. Décor tiles with a variety of raised textured designs or mosaic effects make excellent feature wall tiles and will really add impact to your room.

bathroom feature wall tiles

A feature wall can be any wall that you want to make a focal point, shower cubicles, areas around the bath or alcoves behind kitchen hobs are all great places to consider.

Natural earthy tones are still very much in demand and are expected be around for quite some time, use this blend of tone and texture to bring your interior décor right up to date.

Some of the best on trend designs are brought to life with amazing accessories. Look for anything tasteful and unusual that has plenty of character or a bright pop of colour.

Tiling A Bathroom On A Budget!

Can you save money whilst refurbishing a bathroom? Tiling a whole bathroom can be a costly business, so anything that can be done to reduce this overall cost can only be a good thing.

More and more of our customers are opting to tile essential areas only such as shower enclosures and areas around the bath. This not only reduces the amount of bathroom tiles required it will also reduce labour cost too, as well as freeing up space for a little imagination and artistic flair.

bathroom splashbacks

Splashbacks are becoming increasingly popular especially around sinks, baths and basins. These areas are relatively small so it wouldn’t cost the earth to tile this area in something really eye-catching. Mosaics make excellent splashbacks; they are easy to shape around tricky areas and can easily be cut to size. They are available in a massive range of different colours, styles and types. Some of the glass examples are truly outstanding. Because they are usually available to buy on a mesh backing they can be also cut into border strips, this means that you can also co-ordinate your splashbacks with a couple of feature borders in other areas such as the shower or bath wall.

Whatever budgets you have to work with remember that any money spent in your bathroom will add value to your home.

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What Is Your Main Concern When Choosing Bathroom Floor Tiles?

bathroom tiles

Are you worried about slipping in the bathroom? We find that this is one of the main concerns of our customers when choosing bathroom floor tiles.

So what can you do to avoid landing in a crumpled heap on your bathroom floor? Firstly choose your floor tiles wisely, polished floor tiles look amazing, but be aware that they will be slippery, especially when wet!

Floor tiles with a textured surface are always going to give a better grip than something with a smooth surface.

Anti-slip floor tiles are ideal for use in bathrooms and wet rooms; they provide a little more security underfoot. These types of floor tiles are specially designed and tested for use in wet areas; they have a more pronounced textured feel for extra grip.

The really great thing about floor tiles is that they are so durable and easy to clean, making them an ideal choice for bathrooms.

A few practical things that you can do to reduce accidents in the bathroom are to use rubber backed bath mat and to mop up water splashes after using the bath or shower. Under floor heating will also help to dry your bathroom floor more quickly.

There is such a wide range of fabulous bathroom floor tiles available and the choices are endless. Making the right choice means that you will love your new bathroom floor tiles for a very long time.

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Tips For Choosing Grout Colour

black grout with black tiles

Have you ever considered how much the colour of grout can affect the look of your wall or floor tiles?

Grout is an essential part of the tiling procedure, but the colour of the grout can be a very personal choice. Some of our customers prefer to choose a colour that will blend with their tiles, whilst others will choose a colour that really makes a statement.

White is the most popular and traditional colour for wall tiles, closely followed by ivory. Depending on the colour of tiles that you are using there can be other colour options available. The smaller area between kitchen units can be the perfect place to try something different and dramatic, such as a daring black grout. Black can look fantastic with black, grey or red kitchen wall tiles.

Have you thought of using a grey grout to give your plain white kitchen wall tiles a more vintage, aged feel?

Grey grout is often used with floor tiles; this is because floor tiles tend to attract lots of dirt and grime from constant foot wear. A grey grout will disguise any engrained dirt that may appear over time.

There are many different shades of grey from very light to almost black, so there is always a shade of grey to suit most requirements.

If you are considering using a white grout with your floor tiles it would be a good idea to seal the grout initially to reduce any staining.

Black, anthracite, chocolate, limestone and various neutral shades can also work well, depending on the colour of floor tiles used.

Always check that the grout your are intending to use is suitable for the area you are tiling!

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