11 Things You Shouldn’t Do At Your Own Dinner Party

So you’re considering hosting a dinner party but you’ve never held one before? You’ll probably be thinking to yourself “Where on earth do I start?!” Don’t panic, we’re here to help! Everyone is always talking about the best ways to entertain their dinner guests and there are endless lists explaining ‘the best entertainment for your dinner party’ and ‘top dinner etiquette’ but no one ever seems to want to discuss dinner party faux pas! Here are a few boo boos that you’re not going to want to happen to you whilst your holding your party.


1. DON’T DO IT! Save yourself the headache and just go to someone else’s house.

2. We know that you love your kids and that you’re a fantastic parent but we don’t need to see those extremely awkward high school photos of your now 25 year old son that cover the entire wall. He probably still doesn’t forgive you for having those up there when he brought his first girlfriend home.

3. Don’t claim that you’re Gordon Ramsey to your friends and then offer to host a dinner party…IT WILL NOT BE OKAY! This amount of pressure is not good for your health and it’s bound to end in disaster and leave you with egg on your face (excuse the pun…I couldn’t resist) if you insist on hosting a dinner party knowing full well that you can’t cook no-one will judge you for getting in a helping hand. In fact, your dinner guests will probably be extremely grateful that they don’t have food poisoning.

4. If you do feel like hosting a dinner party then please don’t get drunk and assume that everyone will love your karaoke machine as much as you do. You may feel like you’re the best singer in the whole entire universe but others may feel slightly awkward when hearing your rendition of Cher’s “If I could turn back time”.

5. Familiarise yourself with the phrase “less is more,” keep your kitchen decor to a minimum. You may think that your kitchen is the perfect place to display the Samurai swords you collected when you went to Japan but they may leave your guest feeling slightly uneasy and perhaps fearing for their lives.

6. If you have any broken or chipped floor tiles than make sure you get them replaced. If you do manage to pull off a successful night then the last thing you’re going to want to happen is your old Aunty Sylvia falling over after a few glasses of Pinot Grigio! That will definitely ruin your evening and poor Aunty Sylvia will probably end up in hospital.

7. If you own animals you should try and keep them away from your kitchen/place of dining. Yes! I know you probably prefer the company of your pets but it’s far too late to think like that now. As much as it pains me to type this, I’m afraid that not everyone likes animals. So if Buster your extremely excitable Jack Russell somehow manages to find his way onto your dinner guest’s lap (or even worse…just use your imagination) then this may not go down too well.

8. Don’t decide to hold a ‘best dancer’ competition in your incredibly small kitchen. Things are bound to get broken. You also wouldn’t have to worry about whether or not Aunty Sylvia was a better dancer than you. You should stick to a safe game of charades…everyone loves charades.

9.Don’t be scared to tell people when they should go home. I’m going from personal experience here and people cannot take a hint! You could be sat there holding a sign saying “please go home I want to go to bed” and they probably still wouldn’t budge so make them aware of your curfew before they arrive at your party. In all honesty I don’t blame them, if I had unlimited access to free alcohol I’d probably be one of ‘those people’ too

10. Don’t forget about your toilet! This is the one room in your home that you know that everyone will visit. Make sure that your bathroom looks presentable. Make sure that all paintwork is up to scratch and again that no tiles are hung of the wall or chipped. Make sure that all of your mess is hidden and that there are no surprise visitors hiding in your toilet (if you get my drift).

11. There are four things that you should never mention at a dinner party and they are sex, money, religion and politics. If your food doesn’t offend your guests then any of these four subjects definitely will. Avoid these subjects at all costs!
By following these 11 steps I cannot guarantee that your party will be a success but there will be a glimmer of hope for you! Good luck!

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