Lighting your Bathroom

Finding the perfect bathroom tiles can be time consuming and problematic,Bathroom Tiles especially when you think you have found just what you are looking for, only to get them home and find the colour looks nothing like you thought. With this in mind it is always a good idea to try samples at home first. There are many aspects that can affect the way your tiles look and the kind of light you have both natural and artificial play a big part in this. Make the most of any natural light that you have by keeping your windows uncluttered. Never look at your tile samples outside, as this kind of natural light is not replicated in an indoor environment.

Different types of artificial light can dramatically alter the look and mood of your bathroom. So taking a little time to consider your lighting options is time well spent. With lots to choose from your options are numerous from downlighters and spotlights to fluorescents and single light fittings. Consider the kind of mood you want to invoke and also any practicalities such as having the correct light for applying makeup or having a shave. Maybe different areas in your bathroom will benefit from extra lighting. Think about using dimmer switches for when you want to take it down a notch, harsh lighting is not the best for a relaxing ambience! Whatever you decide it essential to check that your chosen lighting is suitable for a bathroom environment.

Devi Underfloor Heating Mats

With 65 years in the industry Devi are the market leaders in underfloor heating and with low energy consumption Devimat underfloor electrical wired systems are the most popular and cost effective choice . Two types are available with Devimat DTIR100W/m²for timber substrates and Devimat DTIR 150W/m² for concrete substrates. Sizes start from sizes 0.5m² going up in increments of 0.5m² to 4m² then in increments of 1m² up to 10m² then finally a 12m² matt is also available. Combinations of these sizes can be used together to fit your desired floor area, but take care not to exceed the maximum load for your thermostat and for larger areas more than 1 thermostat may be required.

Before laying the mat a groove should be cut into the floor and wall of about 10mm in depth and width, to accommodate the floor sensor and tube. The floor surface should be dry, clean and level with no undulations or loose areas and the element should be at least 30mm away from anything conductive such as water pipes. Ready to roll the mat can be cut so that any turns can be made to lay the next piece at the side of the first. Ensure that only the mesh and not the heating cable are cut at this stage. Once the mat is laid, it is a good idea to make a plan of all important parts and connections for future reference.

 It is important that a qualified electrician connects your installation to the mains.  

Some key features of Devi under floor heating mats are as

 follows:Devimat for underfloor heating

  • Easy to install
  • Pre space cable                                                             
  • Self adhesive matt                                    
  • Twin conductor
  • Manufactures 10 year warranty
  • Depth under 4mm

Devireg Touch Thermostat

The latest technology has been utilised to develop this brand new touch screen intelligent Devireg thermostat. Programming and heat settings are at the touch of your finger tips with the reliable and efficient timer that is simple and easy to use. Flexible programming allows settings to be copied to other days or to vary according to your comfort. Featuring a stylish elegant design and a built in set up wizard, this thermostat takes the hassle out of heating your floors.

 All floor heating systems must be fitted with a floor sensor when the heating element is fitted on or beneath wooden or heat sensitive surfaces!

Some key features of Devireg Touch Thermostats are as

follows:Devireg Touch Thermostat and Timer

  • Intelligent touch screen control
  • Built in set up wizard                               
  • Energy consumption readouts
  • Flexible time settings                                                   
  • 5 year warranty
  • Easy to use code for multiple set ups and re-sets
  • Quick access button for frost protection and power off.



Adhesives and Grouts for Natural Stone

tumbled travertineTiles4all have a selection of beautiful cheap natural stone tiles and mosaics that will add character and charm to your home. But if you are thinking about making a purchase then there are a few considerations for you to take into account, especially when it comes to selecting your adhesives and grouts. All natural stone is porous so care should be taken to seal the surface before the tiles are grouted.

To avoid any discolouration showing through translucent, light coloured natural stone tiles it is recommended that a white rapid setting cement based adhesive is used and this will need to be flexible if bonded to a substrate that will be subjected to movement such as timber. Also the colour of your grout should be similar to that of your tiles, for instance Mapei ultracolur 132 beige grout and ultracolur 130 jasmine are both neutral in colour.

Fabulous Cheap Tiles


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How to Choose a Tiler


Choosing the right tiler can reduce your potential stress levels greatly, but just how do you go about making the right choice?

Trust is essential, so is important that any one undertaking work in your home treats you and your property with absolute care and respect. Recommendations from family or friends are far and the best way to find someone you can trust as you know the tiler has already been tried and tested and an honest opinion given about the standard of work, cleanliness and general attitude of the tiler. Of course this isn’t always possible, but any good tiler will be happy to provide checkable references and possible photographs of completed projects.

It is always a good idea to get a few quotes before settling on your favoured tiler and about 3 quotes is roughly what you should be looking at; though don’t be afraid to have a few more if you have any doubts! Check that your tiler is easily contactable; do they have a registered address and contact number. Never plump for a tiler based purely on cost, take care to compare quotes and ask yourself a few questions, for instance is the quote itemised? You should be checking that labour, materials and Vat are listed in the quote. Will the tiler be supplying the tiles and at what cost? Once you have this information you can check for any discrepancies between the quotes and ask any further questions that may arise. Costs of adhesives, grouts and other materials can vary depending on the quality so take this into account when comparing your quotes. A tiler with nothing to hide will be more than hatiler at workppy to answer any queries you may have and be willing to explain everything in a clear, concise manner.

Once you have chosen your tiler you should expect to pay an initial deposit and the final balance on satisfactory completion of any work undertaken. Remember your tiler should have lots of experience fitting all kinds of floor and wall tiles including bathroom and kitchen tiles and will be able to offer advice on suitability of tile type and size.