Bathroom And Kitchen Tile Memories

What do you like to reminisce about? Do you daydream about your childhood, school friends, your first car, summer holidays, what about your ex?  Sometimes it’s nice to just chill out with family or friends and remember the good old days, a time when life seemed a little slower, school holidays lasted forever the internet didn’t exist and mobile phones hadn’t been invented!

Do you remember the first home that you decorated and furnished? Did you paint everything in brown and orange in the 70’s or did you fit a lovely avocado green suite in your bathroom in the 80’s. Everything changes sooner or later and though it is nice to look back with fond thoughts it’s also good to look forward.

Wall and floor tiles have changed dramatically over the last 20 years, no longer are we restricted to  6 inch  bathroom wall tiles, the choice is endless.

So whether you are preparing to buy your first home or indeed just having a bit of a kitchen or bathroom makeover, take a look at tiles4all and make some new memories with our fabulous choice of kitchen and bathroom wall and floor tiles.


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