What Are Tiles4all’s Fashion Conscious Customers Exited About?


bathroom accessoriesOur fashion conscious customers are always looking for style, at a price that’s right. So when we introduced a range of affordable chrome accessories, we anticipated a flurry of excitement.


We weren’t disappointed; our customers seem to love our selection of contemporary bathroom accessories. They include toilet roll holders, shower baskets, towel rails, towel rings, soap dish holders, glass cup holders and robe hooks; the perfect finishing touch for a fashionable bathroom!


So if you are a new customer to tiles4all and are browsing our website for bathroom tiles, don’t forget to take a look at our polished chrome on stainless steel bathroom accessories.


Tiling A Bathroom On A Budget!

Can you save money whilst refurbishing a bathroom? Tiling a whole bathroom can be a costly business, so anything that can be done to reduce this overall cost can only be a good thing.

More and more of our customers are opting to tile essential areas only such as shower enclosures and areas around the bath. This not only reduces the amount of bathroom tiles required it will also reduce labour cost too, as well as freeing up space for a little imagination and artistic flair.

bathroom splashbacks

Splashbacks are becoming increasingly popular especially around sinks, baths and basins. These areas are relatively small so it wouldn’t cost the earth to tile this area in something really eye-catching. Mosaics make excellent splashbacks; they are easy to shape around tricky areas and can easily be cut to size. They are available in a massive range of different colours, styles and types. Some of the glass examples are truly outstanding. Because they are usually available to buy on a mesh backing they can be also cut into border strips, this means that you can also co-ordinate your splashbacks with a couple of feature borders in other areas such as the shower or bath wall.

Whatever budgets you have to work with remember that any money spent in your bathroom will add value to your home.

Tiles4all have a huge range of quality affordable bathroom tiles and mosaics to choose from, take a look at our full ranges at tiles4all.co.uk

What Is Your Main Concern When Choosing Bathroom Floor Tiles?

bathroom tiles

Are you worried about slipping in the bathroom? We find that this is one of the main concerns of our customers when choosing bathroom floor tiles.

So what can you do to avoid landing in a crumpled heap on your bathroom floor? Firstly choose your floor tiles wisely, polished floor tiles look amazing, but be aware that they will be slippery, especially when wet!

Floor tiles with a textured surface are always going to give a better grip than something with a smooth surface.

Anti-slip floor tiles are ideal for use in bathrooms and wet rooms; they provide a little more security underfoot. These types of floor tiles are specially designed and tested for use in wet areas; they have a more pronounced textured feel for extra grip.

The really great thing about floor tiles is that they are so durable and easy to clean, making them an ideal choice for bathrooms.

A few practical things that you can do to reduce accidents in the bathroom are to use rubber backed bath mat and to mop up water splashes after using the bath or shower. Under floor heating will also help to dry your bathroom floor more quickly.

There is such a wide range of fabulous bathroom floor tiles available and the choices are endless. Making the right choice means that you will love your new bathroom floor tiles for a very long time.

For more information about bathroom floor tiles, under floor heating and anti-slip floor tiles take a look at our website at tiles4all.co.uk. Alternatively give us a call on 0114 2512689 and one of our friendly team of staff will be happy to help.

Tips for making a small bathroom look bigger

It’s a question we often get asked ‘How do you make a small bathroom look larger?’ When one of our customers came in to our showroom last week she was desperate to make her tiny bathroom look more spacious. What should I do she asked?

Well we can’t wave a magic wand and give our customers more space but bathroom wall tileswe can help them to make the most of what they have got to work with. So we advised this lady that larger bathroom tiles would add to the feeling of space in her room. Choosing the size of your tiles wisely can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of your room. Too small and your bathroom can feel drawn in and claustrophobic. Too large and you can end up with a lot of unsightly cuts around windows, baths, basins and toilets. So with this in mind our customer decided that a medium size 400 x 250mm bathroom wall tile would be perfectly suited to her available space.

Great, now all we had to do was find the perfect colour and style. A dark coloured tile can be oppressive in a small area, so our advice was to choose something with light neutral tones, this would lighten up the bathroom area considerably thus giving the illusion of space.

Our customer found this simple advice most helpful, she went away delighted that she could make such a difference to her small bathroom.

Whether You Prefer A Bath Or A Shower Tiles4all Have The Perfect Tiles For You

Which do you prefer, a nice long relaxing bath or a quick invigorating shower? It seems that more of us are opting for the quicker alternative. Of course a having a quick shower is perfectly practical if you have a large family, but sometimes unwinding in a long hot bath is the only way to ease aching muscles after a hard days work.

bathroom wall tiles

Whichever you prefer, your choice of bathroom tiles will make your bathing time a joyful experience. A nicely tiled bathroom or shower room will also add value to your home

As well as being totally practical bathroom tiles can add personality and style to your room. So whether you want to recreate the grandeur of a Spanish hotel bathroom or something a little more understated, there will be a bathroom tile to suit your requirements here at tiles4all.

Take a look at tiles4all.co.uk for our full range of bathroom wall and floor tiles. We also stock a range of 200 x 200 anti-slip floor tiles that are ideal for bathrooms, shower rooms and wet rooms.