Glass Mosaics, They Look Great As Kitchen Splashbacks!

glass and marble mosaic kitchen splashbackAdding a tiled splashback is not just an attractive way to finish off your fabulous new kitchen. It’s a practical choice that will protect your walls from cooking stains, water marks, grease and general daily ware and tear.

Glass mosaics are a great choice for this type of area, not only do they look amazing, they are also practical and easy to use. The incredible range of lustrous shades and styles means that you can add something really special to your room.

The great thing about mosaics is that they are usually available to buy on a mesh backing that can be cut; this means that you can create a splashback to a height that suits both your requirements and budget.

Bathroom Tiles For Awkward Areas!

mosaics for awkward areasChoosing tiles for the bathroom can prove to be a bit of a headache at the best of times, but what if your bathroom has an unusual shape?

Sloping roofs, odd angles, small spaces, these problematic areas can pose a bit of a quandary, so what type of bathroom tiles should you choose?

Ceramic tiles are available in a variety of different sizes and a good tiler will be able to advise you on the best options for your space. But by far and the best option for a tricky area are mosaics, they are available at in all sorts of different designs and materials and can easily be shaped around any awkward areas.

So don’t think of your unusual bathroom space as a problem, think of it as having the potential to become a fantastic design feature with plenty of character and style!


Affordable Ways Of Using Mosaics In The Home!

Though mosaics look sensational when tiled over a large area they can be expensive, so if you want mosaic tiles in your home but don’t want the expense what are your options?

mosaics in the bathroom

There are a number of ways of introducing mosaic in to your interior designs. For instance have you ever thought about tiling a bath panel with mosaics? A simple bath panel can be transformed in to a real feature with the help of some really eye-catching mosaic tiles. The sizeable choice and availability at tiles4all means that you can choose a mosaic that will either tone in or contrast with your main body of bathroom wall and floor tiles. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to a full panel then you can reduce your costs by running a smaller feature band of mosaics either vertically or horizontally across the panel. This will still look effective but will save you quite a bit of your expenditure.

Most mosaics come supplied on a mesh sheet that is around 300 x 300mm this means that you only need 8-9 sheets to create a foot wide feature panel from floor to ceiling height in your bathroom. Place this panel running vertically from the top edge of your bath to the ceiling and you would need even less.

The versatility of mosaics means that they can be cut in to various widths to create borders; this is an extremely economical way of using mosaics. A 300 x 300mm sheet with individual mosaic pieces of 25mm cut in to widths of 2 deep would give you a run of 1.8 linear metres; just think what you could do with just a few sheets at relatively little cost.

So whether you want to introduce mosaics in to your bathroom or even your kitchen there are many economical ways of doing so!

Looking for mosaic ideas? Take a look at the Tiles4all website we have a vast array of all kinds of affordable glass and natural stone mosaics in a variety of colours and styles.

Find Out Why Mosaics Look So Good In Kitchens!

mosaic kitchen tiles

Mosaics are not just for bathrooms they look great in kitchens too! The versatility of mosaics means that they are ideal for use in kitchen areas, they are easy to shape around sockets and windows and the sheets can be cut to suit your own individual needs. They make eye-catching splashbacks and look superb as features behind hobs.

Transforming the look of your kitchen is easy with mosaics; the choices of styles, finishes and colour are endless and leave plenty of scope for adding individuality to your kitchen walls. This extensive choice also means that there is always going to be a mosaic to suit any taste or style of décor.

Natural stone mosaics are an excellent choice for anyone wanting to create a rustic country cottage feel. But what if you want something a little more modern? Glass mosaics are extremely popular and will give a no fuss modern edge to your style.

The addition of a square edge chrome trim can also give a fabulous contemporary feel to your mosaics, this looks particularly effective if you choose a mosaic that has a smattering of chrome mosaic pieces incorporated in to its design. Chrome trims can be used to edge mosaics on any exposed edges, such as around window edges and external corners; they also look great when used along the top of mosaics creating a narrow upstand running along the back of a kitchen worktop.

Mosaics are exciting and interesting so why not give them a go; many of our customers already have and are extremely pleased with the end results!

Are Mosaics Difficult To Work With?

fixing mosaics

We love mosaics here at tiles4all, but we often find that our customers are a little hesitant when buying them, they are worried that their tiler may find them difficult to work with.

So, we have just got to tell all our customers and their tilers about a wonderful product called mosaic mesh. This fabulous plastic mesh is self adhesive and fits snugly to the back of your mosaic sheet making it much firmer and easier to work with.

Mosaic mesh can also be used to add to the depth of your mosaic, this can be extremely useful when mixing mosaics with wall tiles that are slightly thicker than your mosaic.

Mosaics and mosaic mesh are available to buy online at