Choosing the Right Flooring For Your Bathroom

It’s important to remember that carpet is not ideal for bathrooms and it can easily become mouldy if it becomes wet. Laminate flooring can be very slippery, plus if you don’t choose laminate flooring that has been especially made for bathrooms then it can warp. With both carpet and laminate flooring it will be tiresome and expensive when it comes down to replacing them.

If you want a floor that will last you years to come then you should choose porcelain floor tiles. Porcelain floor tiles are extremely low maintenance and they are extremely hard wearing. You will probably never have to replace a cracked or chipped tile if you decide to go for porcelain, and they can look like brand new for many years to come! One of the biggest advantages of porcelain tiles is that they are very low maintenance and because they don’t absorb water will some other materials – they won’t stain. They’re so simple to clean, as you’ll just need to wipe over them with a damp cloth from time to time.


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