Decorating Your Bathroom With Mosaic Tiles

We all know that bathroom renovations can be expensive, and it can be hard for many home owners to know where to start. If you’re on a budget, here are a few tips on adding mosaic tiles to your existing design that will elevate your bathroom without you spending a fortune.

Adding a decorative border can add visual interest to your bathroom without being expensive, try adding a row of mosaic tiles high up on your wall, they will look perfect mixed with classic white tiles. Mosaic borders don’t just create a focal point but they can also help to define locations of the shower fittings, which can also create a design in itself. A simple border that will run beneath a bathroom backsplash can also add visual interest.

If you’re not much of a border person you could try adding a feature wall behind the sink or even in the shower, it won’t be dramatic because not every wall is covered.  A feature wall can also make your bathroom appear larger than it actually is too.

If you’re feeling extra daring, you could try adding both a feature wall and a border. A border is a great way to tie in the feature wall if you’re looking for a modern and vintage feel at the same time!

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