How To Keep Your Bathroom Tiles Clean

It’s black and it grows rapidly, it fills you with horror, it’s the unwanted guest in your bathroom!

 Yes you’ve guessed it,’ MOULD ‘it ruins the look of your bathroom tiles, turning your lovely white grout into something that even the creature from the black lagoon would cringe at the sight of.grout and tile cleaning product

Warm moist air makes your bathroom the perfect breeding ground for mould. But don’t despair, there are some fabulous products available that will strike fear into the heart of your little mould problems.

HG mould spray is an excellent product for tackling any mould issues that you may have in your bathroom. This handy bleach based spray is great for cleaning tiled areas as well as the stubborn mouldy grout between your wall tiles.

A lot of the grouts available now are manufactured with antifungal properties; this means that your grout will stay fresher and mould free for so much longer!

Check out our full range of Mapei grouts, grout sealers and HG mould spray on the tiles4all website.

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