Jeremy Paxmans New Beard IsTrending On Twitter – Bathroom Tiles!

Never before has a beard caused such a tremendous fuss, can you believe that Jeremy Packman’s new facial fuzz is actually trending on twitter?

Do you think that beards are acceptable in the work place or does it even matter? It certainly seems to have worked for Noel Edmonds and Captain Birdseye!

Growing a beard does have some advantages; it means that you can spend less time on shaving and more time enjoying a nice long hot, invigorating shower in the mornings.

So why not create a beard friendly zone in your bathroom with bathroom tiles from tiles4all. We stock a huge range of bathroom wall tiles suitable for bathrooms and shower areas. We also stock floor tiles and mosaics so that you can be as creative as you like with your bathroom décor.

Take a look at tiles4all for our full range of affordable bathroom tiles.


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