Make Your Cash Go Further At Tiles4all!

the humble 1 penny coinHow do you feel about the 1 penny coin? Would you miss it if it was no longer legal tender, or do you find small change irksome and fiddly? Well it seems that the Canadian mint has decided that the equivalent to the 1 pence coin is no longer worth minting and has stopped distributing their 1 cent coin this month.

So this leaves us wondering, will the UK be far behind the Canadians in ditching the humble, unloved and unvalued 1 pence coin? We lost the halfpenny coin in 1984, back in an era when a few pence could buy penny mixes at the local sweet shop. Do you remember those fabulous little bags of blackjacks, cola bottles, white mice and flying saucers? 

Unfortunately in 2013 penny mixes are a distant memory and now we are bombarded with politicians austerity measures and cut backs every day.

Make your pennies go further with tiles4all. Take a look at our fabulous website at a great selection of low cost, quality kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, floor tiles, mosaics and adhesives.

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