Making a Splash with Splashback Tiles!

Date: Feb 24 2018 1:32PM

Making a Splash with Splashback Tiles!

We all know that washing, cooking and bathing are activities that produce a certain amount of excess splashes that can be damaging to the surrounding environment. Sinks, baths, basins, hobs and ovens are all areas around the home that need a little extra protection from these everyday splashes and stains. So even if you don’t want to tile the whole area, it’s a really good idea to create a tiled splashback to protect the surrounding walls, this will also help enormously with keeping things clean!

Glazed tiles are available in a range of different colours and styles, so whether you want to create a kitchen splashback or a bathroom splashback there is going to be plenty of choice. Mosaic tiles are also a very appealing and fashionable option for any type of splashback, they are relatively easy to fit and can easily be shaped around any tricky areas.

Children and baths are always going to be a messy combination, so it really is essential that this area is protected from any of those fun splashy baths that kids just love to have! Choosing the height of your splashback in this area is important, it’s surprising just where all that water goes and you really don’t want any water damage on areas that are not protected.

It’s the same principle with cooking areas; tomato sauce has a habit of splashing everywhere, especially when it’s bubbling away on the hob. Tile this area and you can simply wash these splashes away; no need to worry about messy cooks!

Tiles4all have a superb selection of tiles and mosaics suitable for splashbacks, take a look at our website or give us a call, we are always happy to help.