More Information on Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom wall and floor tiles here at Tiles4All come in all sorts of different colours shapes and sizes.

The larger the size of the tile the larger it can make your bathroom look because there are fewer grout joins, however you may find that you may have to spend more time cutting but many people will compromise on this for the finished look.

Bathroom tile colours are available in a huge range of different shades but over the past few years beige stone has been an extremely popular look as its neutral colours appeal to everyone. Recently a shift towards panels/borders of vivid colour surrounded by white or cream has also becoming increasing popular.

Matt and gloss bathroom finishes are also equal in popularity and because manufacturers are now producing most of their tile in porcelain as opposed to traditional ceramic, many consumers are now using the same tile on the floor and the wall.

Take a look at the range of bathroom tiles available at Tiles4All –

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