Once bonfire night is out of the way you know that Christmas is not very far behind. We are already starting to notice that a lot of our customers are coming to us looking for wall and floor tiles to complete their home improvement projects before the festive season begins.

rustic kitchen tiles

New kitchens and bathrooms seem to be top of the list for most people and this time of year is great to find a little inspiration; shades of autumn work perfectly well in the home and look particularly great in rustic styled homes. Terracotta, brown, beige, gold and copper are all popular tones that add a sense of warmth and comfort; they look amazing in kitchens and variations of these types of shades can be found in kitchen wall tiles, both in ceramic or natural stone. Tumbled edges and textured surfaces all add to the rustic vibe.

Floor tiles are also available to complete the look, porcelain interpretations of natural stone are both practical and durable with very little maintenance involved. Add some underfloor heating and your kitchen or bathroom will be set for the coming winter.

So if you are rushing to finish a winter makeover, now is a great time to start looking for the essential finishing touches such as wall tiles, floor tiles, mosaics and coloured grouts.

If you are not sure what colours work well together just take inspiration from the fabulous array of natural shades that can be found outdoors right now!

The Rise Of The Humble Grey Tile!

Have you ever noticed how brilliant grey looks with other colours? Grey is often used to describe something boring or dreary, but this year grey has become the fashionable colour of choice. From home wares, wall paper, paint, textiles and tiles; shades of grey are making an appearance all over the High Street.


fashionable grey tiles


Here at Tiles4all we have always known the value of a good grey tile; they are just so easy to accessorise and always look fresh and contemporary. Grey tiles look great in both kitchens and bathrooms; they are the perfect partnership with granite worktops and look amazing with chrome taps and trims. Add a bright pop of colour such as mustard, fuchsia or jade for a really up to the minute look.

If you think a grey wall tile will make your room look cold and dark, do not worry there is a shade and style to suit every type of interior location. Good lighting and grey tiles with a gloss surface will always make the most of any areas with little natural daylight.

The variety and choice of grey tiles is enormous, from small to large, modern to rustic, matt to gloss, wall tiles, floor tiles and mosaic tiles; grey tiles are everyware right now!

So if you are thinking of giving your bathroom or kitchen a makeover this year, don’t neglect the not so humble grey tile!!

How to Enjoy The Tiles4all Shopping Experience!

Here at we like to make our customers shopping experience as simple and enjoyable as possible. We know that shopping for wall and floor tiles can be a daunting experience, so we have designed our website to be as user friendly as possible, with easy to navigate pages and handy, useful search box’s.

If you have never shopped for tiles with us before, check out our website, we have extensive ranges of affordable tiles, adhesives, grouts and tiling accessories. Friendly, efficient staff are on hand to help with your enquiries and quickly process orders.

So sit back, relax and do a little surfing on the web you can find us at or alternatively why not check us out on Facebook, You Tube, Twitter and Pinterest.

Timeless Styling With Retro Metro Tiles

Here at Tiles4all there is one particular style of wall tile that we get asked about time and time again……… Metro tiles, love them or hate them they are still one of the most popular requests from our customers.

Metro tiles, subway tiles, bevel edge tiles, whatever you want to call them this style of wall tile has remained fashionable for more than a hundred years and with good reason. Made popular by their use in the London, Paris and New York underground stations, these tiles have found their way in to main stream domestic use. They are Ideal for use in both kitchens and bathrooms producing a simple modern styling that never seems to date.

Though this type of tile is frequently used as a kitchen wall tile, the smaller size means that this bevel edge style of tile also look amazing when used on the wall in compact shower enclosures or even as a simple splashback around a bath.metro tiles

This timeless style will have a place in our homes for many more years to come, so if you are planning a kitchen or bathroom makeover consider using a metro tile in your design for simple but effective elegance.

Bevel edge wall tiles are available to buy at in white, black or cream. The white option is often used with grey grout to create a very appealing retro vibe.


Enjoy The Benefits Of Underfloor Heating

Banish the end of summer blues and treat yourself to some cosy Devimat underfloor heating; it’s the perfect way to really enjoy the full benefits of a tiled floor. Easy to fit and economical to run, this little luxury will be something all the family can enjoy.

Our customers are often worried that floor tiles will feel cold and unwelcoming, but this can easily be over come with the addition of electric underfloor heating. Clever technology means that the modern touch screen thermostat can easily control your settings and temperature to your own specific daily requirements. So now you have comfort completely in your control, all at the touch of your finger tips.

Two types of underwired matts are available, both with a selection of different size options. They are the Devimat DTIR 100w/m² for timber floors or the DevimatDTIR150w/m² for concrete floors. Both items are available competitively priced at

Both ceramic and porcelain tiles can be used with an electric underwired system. Ceramic  floor tiles will warm up quicker but will also lose heat quicker, porcelain floor tiles will take a little longer to warm up but they will retain  heat for longer. Using suitable insulation underneath the heating matts will also help to reduce potential heat loss and increase the heat up speed.

Don’t let the winter chills surprise you, now is the perfect time to start planning your electric under floor heating and floor tile installation!

electric underfloor heating