Choosing The Right Tile For Your Bathroom

There are so many different colours, materials and sizes of tiles on today’s market it can be quite overwhelming when trying to choose the right kind of tile for your bathroom. Here are a few tips on how to pick the perfect tile, if you need any more help please visit the our Sheffield showroom if you live near the following areas – Abbeydale & Totley, Abbeydale Road, Bakewell, Broomhill, Crookes, Crosspool, Crystal Peaks, Darnall, Dronfield, Ecclesall Road, Eckington, Fulwood, Heeley, Hillsborough, Loxley, Meersbrook, Mosborough, Nether Edge, Norton, Ranmoor, Sharrow, Walkley, Whirlow, Woodseat.

The size of bathroom tile is incredibly important, your bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in the house and if this is the case then it’s may be a good idea to stick to smaller tile. Using smaller tile will make your bathroom seem a lot bigger and will give the illusion of space. If you have a big bathroom then why not indulge in some larger format tiles? These are bang on trend at the moment. Take a look on our website to see the different sizes of tile that we offer.

The colour of tiles is also important; if you have a smaller bathroom then you should avoid using dark tiles as it may make your space feel small and enclosed. Sticking with a lighter colour will create space but this doesn’t mean that you have to use white tiles. There is such a wide choice available these days including a lot of lighter shades so it’s still possible for you to add a splash of colour to your bathroom in more of a subtle way.

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Shopping For Your Bathroom Tiles Online

Finding cheap bathroom tiles may seem like a chore to you at first but this needn’t be the case. All you need is a little patience to find amazing tiles that you can renovate your bathroom with. It’s possible for you to style your bathroom using tiles of the latest trends as long as you know where to look for them, one of the best places to look for cheap bathroom tile are on the internet and Tiles4All specialise in cost effective shopping; great discounts and free shipping on orders above £150. Shopping for your tiles online is a great way of saving you time and you have access to hundreds of styles, designs and patterns from the comfort of your own home. If you’re looking for stylish but cheap bathroom tiles then visit the Tiles4All website today!

Bathroom Floor Tiles

Bathroom Floor Tiles can set the mood and atmosphere of your room. Depending on what bathroom floor tiles you choose will determine the style, light and colour of your bathroom. Bathroom floor tiles are available in many different styles, finished colours and sizes – so why don’t you have a play around with the options available on the Tiles4All website

The main benefit of bathroom floor tiles is that they are durable, easy to clean and incredibly easy to maintain. They can also make your bathroom look fabulous. Head over to the contact section of our website if you’d like our knowledgeable and friendly staff to help you through your project.

Tiles4All only sell tiles which are of a high quality, this means that all of our tiles are perfect for domestic use.

Bathroom tiles come is a number of colours and finishes which can match the design of your bathroom.  It doesn’t matter if there’s a range doesn’t have a coordinating floor tile because Tiles4All are sure to have a tile that will match.   You can also choose a coordinating bathroom wall tile to complete the look. Visit the website for more information –

Creating A Sunset In Your Bathroom

Have you ever fantasised about completely transforming your bathroom into an exotic getaway? Tiles4All have a selection of bathroom floor and wall tiles that completely change the mood of your bathroom. Whether you want to create a theme of an African sunset or whether you want a Spanish sunrise, Tiles4All are guaranteed to have a tile to suit your taste.

The Dinan Copper tile can create a luxurious and modern feel in your bathroom with its brown and red porcelain beauty. This tile will create a warm and modern effect in your bathroom on its own, or it will act as a complimentary accent to mosaics. They’re suitable for wall and floor tiles, they’ve been rated at 3 stars, and this means that they are suitable for floors exposed to medium use protected from abrasion, they come in the size of 450 x 450mm and in cartons of 7.

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Restoring Unglazed Terracotta Floor Tiles

Lift up an old carpet and sometimes you’ll be lucky enough to find vintage terracotta floor tiles underneath. They are very likely to be dirty and stained but don’t rip them up or cover them up just yet. They can often be rescued and you could end up with a fabulous floor, original to the house that will be a real talking point, and a great selling feature if you should want to move in the future. These days with the housing market so stagnant, selling a property is tough. Having a fabulous terracotta floor could be the deciding factor for one of your viewers choosing between the many similar properties on the market.

Early terracotta tiles were often laid onto sand with no damp proofing underneath allowing moisture to seep into and through the tiles, however over the years they become less porous and we end up with stained tiles.

So how can you bring your old tiles up to scratch? The first task is to give them a good scrub. Use stone floor cleaner diluted 1:3 with warm water. Apply with a sponge, allow it to soak in for about quarter of an hour (just enough time for a cuppa) and then get scrubbing. If you find a very stubborn stain then try a little of the stone floor cleaner undiluted. That may well shift it. Dry the surface with an old towel and leave the tiles to thoroughly dry right through. Be patient. This could well take several days, but rush and you won’t get the best finish.

Next you need to get out the vacuum and a duster and make sure there is no dust or dirt anywhere on the tiles or between them. Be as thorough as you can. The next job is to brush on a layer of boiled linseed oil with a paintbrush. As terracotta tiles are often not even, check back on them after about half an hour. You may find pools of oil have gathered in the dips, so redistribute this. Let it dry for around a day then apply another coat and let this dry again.

Take the time to look after your new flooring and it should look good for many years to come. Always clean up spill when they occur to minimise the chance of any future staining and make sure you sweep or vacuum regularly so no dirt remains on the tiles where it can get ingrained. Unglazed terracotta tiles do take a little more maintenance than some more modern types of tile such as porcelain floor tiles, but they do look stunning and if you have them in your home, they are well worth keeping if you can. If some are damaged it’s also well worth carefully removing and replacing them. You can buy a wide range of terracotta floor tiles, and you can stain them to match your existing tiles, so a few damaged tiles doesn’t necessarily mean you need to replace the entire floor.

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