Creating Affordable Style With Natural Stone Tiles

Affordable Natural stone tiles are always a popular choice with our customers; they tell us that they love the unique beauty that just can’t be matched by any other type of wall or floor tile on the market.

Natural stone tiles are available in many different types, styles and formats, so there is always a way to introduce some natural stone tiles in to any interior scheme. Even modern designs can benefit from the inclusion of a little natural stone. Modern mosaics are incredibly fashionable right now and some of these fabulous natural stone ranges include types that have contemporary blends of marble, travertine, glass and chrome.

Natural stone tiles can cross the boundaries of both modern and classic styles for instance smaller format Travertine wall tiles look great between kitchen worktops and units; they give a lovely rustic welcoming feel. Just add a matching Travertine floor tile and the smell of fresh baking for the perfect country cottage ambiance!

natural stone kitchen tiles

All natural stone tiles require a little TLC; these naturally porous tiles require sealing before grouting, this will help keep your tiles looking their absolute best!


Overcoming The Problems You May Face With Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone floor tiles are beautiful; there’s no doubt about that, but they do come with their own set of issues. None of these problems though are insurmountable, so if you have your heart set on the natural stone look for your bathroom or kitchen floor, then don’t worry. You will be able to have it.

One of the major issues for many people with natural stone is simply a matter of price. Natural stone can be very expensive. Especially if you’re wanting one of the more expensive materials such as marble. There is one brilliant way to get around the issue of cost though, and that is to not use a natural stone, but to pick a porcelain floor tile that is created to very closely imitate natural stone. This type of porcelain floor tile is very often used in hotels. The marble bathroom in your hotel room could very well actually be porcelain. Not only is it cheaper, but it’s more hard wearing and has other advantages that makes it more suitable for hotels and other public buildings than natural materials.

Natural stone tiles can be of uneven depth. You can allow for this by setting them into a slightly thicker mortar than you would normally, and so you have some leeway to push down any that protrude slightly. Place a baton across the floor to see that they are all at the same height. It’s important not to have any protruding as it could be a nasty tripping hazard. Some natural materials such as marble or polished granite are naturally very slippery. You have some options here though to solve this problem. Pick smaller tiles and the grouting between the tiles will serve as a non slip  grooved surface. You could have the tile surfaces marked with grooves, or you could choose a porcelain floor tile instead which has been specially made to be non-slip. You may find that by choosing porcelain you can actually eliminate many of the problems we’ve outlined above too. If you’re laying your tiles in a bathroom, this is especially important as the tiles are very likely to get wet, and wet tiles will become even more slippery and can be very dangerous. It’s so easy to slip on bathroom floor tiles and hit your head on the bathroom suite. There are many injuries and even deaths each year from this, so do put safety first.

Some softer natural stone materials such as limestone are not suitable for high traffic areas of the home as they can wear away. So, either choose a different material or pick a porcelain floor tile that mimics your soft stone of choice. Porcelain is incredibly hard wearing, it’s tougher even than granite,so you will have no worries about it wearing away. You’ll also eliminate any chance of their being natural flaws in the material that may result in cracks.

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Matching A Tile When One Is Broken

It can be incredibly frustrating when you have just one cracked tile in a floor or wall that is otherwise just fine.

So what do you do? Well of course you could replace the entire lot of tiles, but this is time consuming and expensive. It really is a waste if the rest of the tiles are in good condition, and if you have not long since fitted them, or if they are particularly expensive tiles then this really is going to be the option of last resort.

The best option is to replace just that one broken tile. Removing one cracked tile isn’t too difficult if you work with patience and care to remove it. There is a risk of cracking the surrounding tiles so do  take your time with this job. The problem is though, if you don’t have a spare tile to replace it with. If you fitted the tiles yourself, then hopefully you will have bought extra and stored them for such an occasion, if you have, well then your job is easy, simply add in your new tile. You may find that your new tiles looks very new compared to the other tiles, so you may want to distress the tile, or perhaps apply a stain to all the tiles if they are suitable for it, such as terracotta floor tiles, to make them match more evenly.

If the tiles were fitted before you moved into the property, do check for any spare tiles in the garage, shed or in the loft. Often people keep spares, but will rarely take them with them when they move. You might get lucky and find one.

If you simply cannot find a spare then you could try looking for a similar tile in the shops. Tile ranges come and go very quickly, so unless you tiled the room very recently you are unlikely to find exactly the same time, but you may be able to find something similar. Try and take your broken and removed tile with you to get a colour and texture match and carefully measure to get the dimensions right.

You could try and lift a tile from around the edge of the room or behind furniture where a gap won’t be noticed. If you are very lucky you may find one that is loose that you can prise off without it breaking and use as your replacement.

Another idea is to remove several more tiles and replace them all with new tiles. Perhaps of a contrasting colour or pattern. You could create a chequerboard effect perhaps, replacing every other tile, or just replace a few, dotting around some nice picture tiles, as if the effect was intentional.

So you see, one cracked tile doesn’t necessarily mean you will need to re-tile your entire room. There are plenty of options to save time and money. Hopefully one of them will work for you.

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Repairing Holes In Natural Stone Tiles

These days many people opt for stone effect porcelain floor tiles due to the fact that they are so hard  wearing and such a good price. You can buy porcelain tiles that look almost identical to marble, granite or just about any other natural stone material you can think of. They are very popular due to being virtually maintenance free, non-absorbent, and tougher than granite. Natural stone tiles can have natural flaws. Sometimes you can spot these when you’re laying them, but sometimes you may not and some time later you may find that a part of the tile has fallen out or been chipped out when you’ve dropped something on it, and you’re left with a hole. Now as natural stone tiles are quite expensive, replacing the whole tile might work out more expensive than repairing the tile. You may also find it difficult to remove just one tile, depending on the location of it among the other tiles. Sometimes it’s easier to try and fix it rather than risk damaging more tiles by removing it. You may also not have a replacement tile available. This may especially be the case if you’re chosen tiles of an usual size or design. If you didn’t buy extra when you bought the tiles, finding replacements that are an identical match can be pretty tricky.

To fill a hole you’ll need stone repair resin. This comes in several colours so you can match your tile colour as closely as you can. You can then purchase colour mixes to add to the base colour to get an exact match.

To start with you need to thoroughly clean the hole. Scrape away any loose bit of sand and use the vacuum cleaner to get rid of any dust. It’s better to make the hole bigger than to leave any loose bits of stone as they’ll only come loose further at a later date and spoil your repair job. Next apply a coat of methylated spirit to ensure there are no traces of tile wax or dust left in the hole. Put masking tape carefully around the edges of the hole, this will keep the resin from spilling over and adhering to the tile. Apply the resin to the hole up to the top and scrape off any excess. When it is nearly set, remove the masking tape and scrape off the excess again until it is perfectly level with the rest of the tile. Once fully set you can then carefully sand the resin to achieve your desired finish.

Follow these instructions and you should have no trouble fixing a hole in a natural stone tile. You can also use this same technique for filling cracks. It’s important to fill cracks as they can get worse, and they can let in water which can cause staining to tiles or damage to the floorboards underneath the tiled area.

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Add Character And Style With Natural Stone Tiles.

Have you thought about using natural stone tiles or mosaics in your home? If you have you can be assured that what ever you creanatural stone mosaic sheette will be something that is both beautiful and luxurious. 

The subtle but distinctive variations found in natural stone products will certainly add a unique blend of character and style to your home.

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