Bargain Tiles For The New year!

A cash strapped Christmas may not leave much in the kitty for home improvements in the coming new year. But if you check out you may find that your money will go a lot further than you thought. We have some fantastic savings on wall tiles, floor tiles and mosaics. Our clearance section is available all year round and there are always some fabulous bargains to be found.


Good Looks And Charasmatic Appeal, And Thats Just Our Kitchen Tiles!!!

An interesting article in today’s news has indicated that the current economic climate has had a surprising effect on Italy’s men. Renowned for their swarthy good looks and charismatic appeal, Italy’s men have always had a certain reputation for their ability to woo the ladies. Unfortunately many of Italy’s Latin lovers have suffered financial restraints meaning that they are spending less on flowers, chocolates and dining out.

Has the current economy put the brakes on your dating style?

An intimate dinner for two doesn’t mean that you have to book the best restaurant in town. Why not dine in style at home?

Your kitchen is the perfect place to really set the scene, just make sure that everything is in tip top condition. Grubby grout and broken kitchen tiles are really not a good first impression!

Dress to impress…………..Your kitchen of course; here at tiles4all we have a huge selection of low cost kitchen wall and floor tiles. Sokitchen tiles whether you just want to replace a few broken tiles or if you  really want to impress your date with sparkly new kitchen tiles, we can certainly help!

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Do You Think The Recession Has Turned A Corner?

Have you noticed signs of the building sector starting to pick up? In recent weeks we have heard various politicians telling us that the recession has turned a corner. But to actually see the evidence for ourselves is a really great turning point. House building is on the increase and city centres are starting to put future building plans in to progress, the evidence is all around us.

So do you have more confidence in your own future plans?

affordable kitchen tilesWhatever plans you may have it is always a great feeling to save a few pounds for a rainy day. Here at tiles4all we know that home improvements can be a costly business.

So why not save a few pounds with us, we have a huge range of low cost quality tiles that are perfect for home renovations, house moves, rental properties and student lets.

Check out our low cost kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles, mosaics, tiling tools, adhesives and grouts!

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Make The Right Tile Choice With Tiles4all!

The school holidays are nearly over, so now is the perfect time to start planning ahead for any home improvements you wish to make before the next set of holidays begin.

Choosing wall and floor tiles for your home can be a long drawn out process that takes lots of time and consideration. So If you are planning a new kitchen or bathroom don’t under estimate the amount of time that it may take to choose all your fixtures, fittings and tiles, because there is nothing worse than spending lots of time and money on home improvements to find that you don’t actually like the end results.

Allowing time to make the right choices will ensure that your kitchen or bathroom installation is something that you will love for many years to come.

Buying your kitchen and bathroom tiles online means that you can search the web for tiles in the comfort of your own home. Here at tiles4all we have a great website that is easy to navigate and is full of kitchen and bathroom wall and floor tile wall tiles

 If you are unsure of colours or textures, we can send you a sample to help you decide if your choice is suitable.

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Update Your Home With Wall & Floor Tiles From Tiles4all!

Whether you love or loathe home decorating, there is no doubting that the end results can add to the value of your home.bathroom tiles

If you look upon your home as a financial asset it may be time to consider investing a little time and money to improve your overall benefits.

A well presented home is much more marketable than something that’s tired and neglected and it’s no secret that a good sized well presented kitchen or bathroom is a great positive selling feature.

Wall and floor tiles where once seen as something exclusively for up market homes , but this is no longer true, quality tiles are available online at a fraction of the usual cost. This means that you can give your home an expensive and luxurious feeling at a relatively low cost.

Tiles4all have a great selection of kitchen and bathroom tiles on offer; just take a look at our fabulous online store.