Choosing Bathroom Tiles Can Be A Tricky Business!

It’s all about decisions, what colour tile should you have? Should they be ceramic or porcelain? Should you have a border or feature tile, what colour grout should you have? Yes choosing new bathroom tiles can be a time consuming business, so if you have cogitated, deliberated and finally chosen the perfect size and colour of tile for your bathroom space, you may think that you can sit back and take it easy. But if you take just a little extra time to think about a few extra things you can really make a difference to the end result. bathroom tiles

Choose a suitable grout, traditional white grout can look superb and will suit most choices of bathroom tiles, but there is such a choice of grout colour available sometimes it’s nice to go with something a little different. Lighter neutral tones of grout work well with neutral toned tiles and will give a softer overall appearance. Grey grouts work superbly well with floor tiles and will save you hours of cleaning. Grey grout also works well with a variety of popular grey bathroom wall tiles and there are numerous shades to suit most tastes and requirements.

Finish off your bathroom tiles with a stylish trim, these are necessary wherever you are going to have a bare edged tile such as external edges around walls and windows, or if you are only tiling half way up a wall. Square edge chrome trims look very modern and superbly stylish but there are also a number of other options available such as white or ivory plastic trims or matt aluminium trims.

Make an informed choice with!

Are Kitchen Tiles Top Of Your Christmas List?

What is top of your Christmas wish list this year? Is it a new I Phone, Tablet, a complete entertainment system or would you just love a new kitchen with an oven large enough to cook your Christmas turkey in?

kitchen tilesChristmas is one of those crazy times when we all rush to complete everything before the big day arrives. Thankfully the invention of the internet has helped us all enormously………..Will you order your gifts online this year?

If you’re looking for a little Christmas inspiration the internet is full of ideas from Pinterest to twitter you are sure to find something interesting to get your Christmas taste buds going.

Tiles4all can’t really help you out with that new enormous new oven for Christmas but we can help you out with some fantastic kitchen tiles to help you create your dream kitchen this year. Take a look at our website for lots of inspiration and great deals on kitchen wall and floor tiles.

And don’t worry there is still plenty of time to get your tile orders in!

Have You Got That Friday Feeling?

sunshineHave you got that Friday feeling? The weekend is just around the corner and it looks as though it’s going to be another great one, packed with lots of sunshine. Hasn’t it been great to have a long summer this year?

Whatever the weather has installed for us, you know that tiles4all are here for all your tiling requirements. So why not go off this weekend and enjoy the last flush of summer, safe in the knowledge that you can do all your online tile shopping with us whenever you want to!

Tiles4all wishes all their customers and followers on twitter and Facebook a really great weekend.

Shopping For Tiles!

Does shopping with your significant other half bring you out in a cold sweat? Shopping can be a traumatic experience and even the most amenable couples can start reaching for the divorce papers after a weekend of shopping together!

So why is shopping together so difficult?shopping online for tiles

After much debate at tiles4all we have decided that it’s really because men and women shop in totally different ways.

A man conducts his shopping trip like a military procedure with a strict plan of action that should not be veered away from at any cost! 

A woman will treat her shopping trip as a leisure activity with lots of unexpected and exciting purchases to make the day much more interesting.

Fortunately if you are shopping for tiles together this weekend, there is hope, shopping online means that you never have to leave the comfort of your home. The kettle or brandy is handily within reach and you can have as many arguments as you like with out our shocked and traumatised staff looking on!

So take the stress out of your shopping trip and buy your tiles at tiles4all. We have a full range of kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles and floor tiles for you to choose from; we will also send out a free sample tile if you are unsure of colours.