Once bonfire night is out of the way you know that Christmas is not very far behind. We are already starting to notice that a lot of our customers are coming to us looking for wall and floor tiles to complete their home improvement projects before the festive season begins.

rustic kitchen tiles

New kitchens and bathrooms seem to be top of the list for most people and this time of year is great to find a little inspiration; shades of autumn work perfectly well in the home and look particularly great in rustic styled homes. Terracotta, brown, beige, gold and copper are all popular tones that add a sense of warmth and comfort; they look amazing in kitchens and variations of these types of shades can be found in kitchen wall tiles, both in ceramic or natural stone. Tumbled edges and textured surfaces all add to the rustic vibe.

Floor tiles are also available to complete the look, porcelain interpretations of natural stone are both practical and durable with very little maintenance involved. Add some underfloor heating and your kitchen or bathroom will be set for the coming winter.

So if you are rushing to finish a winter makeover, now is a great time to start looking for the essential finishing touches such as wall tiles, floor tiles, mosaics and coloured grouts.

If you are not sure what colours work well together just take inspiration from the fabulous array of natural shades that can be found outdoors right now!

What Is Your Main Concern When Choosing Bathroom Floor Tiles?

bathroom tiles

Are you worried about slipping in the bathroom? We find that this is one of the main concerns of our customers when choosing bathroom floor tiles.

So what can you do to avoid landing in a crumpled heap on your bathroom floor? Firstly choose your floor tiles wisely, polished floor tiles look amazing, but be aware that they will be slippery, especially when wet!

Floor tiles with a textured surface are always going to give a better grip than something with a smooth surface.

Anti-slip floor tiles are ideal for use in bathrooms and wet rooms; they provide a little more security underfoot. These types of floor tiles are specially designed and tested for use in wet areas; they have a more pronounced textured feel for extra grip.

The really great thing about floor tiles is that they are so durable and easy to clean, making them an ideal choice for bathrooms.

A few practical things that you can do to reduce accidents in the bathroom are to use rubber backed bath mat and to mop up water splashes after using the bath or shower. Under floor heating will also help to dry your bathroom floor more quickly.

There is such a wide range of fabulous bathroom floor tiles available and the choices are endless. Making the right choice means that you will love your new bathroom floor tiles for a very long time.

For more information about bathroom floor tiles, under floor heating and anti-slip floor tiles take a look at our website at Alternatively give us a call on 0114 2512689 and one of our friendly team of staff will be happy to help.

How Practical Are Floor Tiles?

There are so many great reasons for choosing floor tiles for your home.

affordable floor tiles

No other type of floor covering can compete with the pure elegance and style that a beautiful floor tile can create.

And if you are looking for longevity and ease of cleaning, floor tiles are definitely for you because they are so much easier to keep clean than carpet and are more durable than laminate or vinyl.

Floor tiles can also add value to your home.

Floor tiles are available in a wide range of sizes, colours, textures and types, so there is always going to be something to suit any style of home.

Floor tiles can be used with under floor heating for extra comfort.

Take a look at our full range of fabulous, practical floor tiles at

Make The Most Of A Wet Weekend And Shop For Your Tiles Online

Well it’s another wet weekend and we have certainly had enough of all this rain. Have you had enough of venturing out into the rain? Why not stay snug and warm indoors instead?

Shop for your tiles online with us at, we stock everything from kitchen wall tiles to bathroom floor tiles to tiling tools and adhesives, we even stock under floor heating and intelligent thermostats.

So make the most of a wet weekend and shop with us in the comfort of your own home at

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Polar Vortex Puts America In The Deep Freeze – Underfloor Heating

It might be time to stock up on winter woollies and under floor heating! If you have been watching the world news recently you will no doubt be gripped by the ever worsening weather patterns. America is in a deep freeze whilst Britain is being deluged by constant heavy rain and high winds.

Temperatures of -40 degrees are hard to imagine but states across the USA are really taking a battering from the Polar Vortex that has been pushed of its usual course by the jet stream.

So just how do you stay warm in such harsh conditions?  Experts have warned Americans to stay in doors and to wear lots of layers with thinner layers closer to the body for an insulating effect.

Let’s hope these freezing temperatures don’t reach the UK!underfloor heating

Invest in under floor heating and at least your feet will be warm this winter; check out Tiles4all for our full range of affordable under floor heating, thermostats and floor tiles.