Good Looks And Charasmatic Appeal, And Thats Just Our Kitchen Tiles!!!

An interesting article in today’s news has indicated that the current economic climate has had a surprising effect on Italy’s men. Renowned for their swarthy good looks and charismatic appeal, Italy’s men have always had a certain reputation for their ability to woo the ladies. Unfortunately many of Italy’s Latin lovers have suffered financial restraints meaning that they are spending less on flowers, chocolates and dining out.

Has the current economy put the brakes on your dating style?

An intimate dinner for two doesn’t mean that you have to book the best restaurant in town. Why not dine in style at home?

Your kitchen is the perfect place to really set the scene, just make sure that everything is in tip top condition. Grubby grout and broken kitchen tiles are really not a good first impression!

Dress to impress…………..Your kitchen of course; here at tiles4all we have a huge selection of low cost kitchen wall and floor tiles. Sokitchen tiles whether you just want to replace a few broken tiles or if you  really want to impress your date with sparkly new kitchen tiles, we can certainly help!

So dim the lights uncork the wine and put the spring back in your dating style with

Fabulous wall And Floor Tile Inspiration At Tiles4all!

Now is the perfect time to add a splash of autumn colour to your walls. The mosaic tilescosy hues of autumn are absolutely perfect for bringing a lovely welcoming atmosphere into your home. So why not get creative and take a look at the website for some fabulous wall and floor tile inspiration.

Be inspired by our superb selection of mosaics, kitchen wall tiles, bathroom wall tiles, natural stone tiles and floor tiles.

Tiles4all Are Proud To Be British!

Are you proud to be British?

The quirky superstar Will.I.Am loves our country so much that he is hoping to take his British residency test, so that he can live here permanently.

Have you been watching any of the BBC’s talent show ‘The Voice ‘? If you have, you will realise that Will.I.Am certainly has all the eccentricities required to be British!

floor tileBut just what is it that makes Britain so great? Is it our dogged determination, our sense of humour, or our culinary delights such as bangers and mash, pie and peas and of course the great Sunday roast? Perhaps it’s our sporting achievements, our Great British landscape and history or even our beloved Royal family that puts the Great in Great Britain!

Tiles4all are proud to be a British, family run company and even prouder to be a forward thinking Yorkshire company. We have over 40 years of tiling experience and stock vast amounts of bathroom wall tiles, bathroom floor tiles, mosaics, kitchen wall tiles, kitchen floor tiles and floor tiles suitable for conservatories, porches and hallways. We also stock all kinds of tiling accessories such as adhesives, grouts, tiling tools and underfloor heating. We have a wealth of combined knowledge and are always happy to help our customers with any enquiries that they may have.

Wall And Floor Tiles For All Kinds Of Weather

Weather experts have warned that we should prepare ourselves for extreme weather patterns. Back in 2012 we started the year with drought, shortly followed by flooding, what will this year have in store for us?  Fingers crossed for a descent summer at least. Bright sunshiny days certainly make us all feel better.floor tiles

But with the summer still a long way off, maybe you can make a few changes at home to brighten up your living space. Installing a new kitchen or bathroom is the perfect opportunity to add a little light and cheery feeling to your home. Wall and floor tiles can make a huge impact on the way your home looks and feels. Add light coloured wall and floor tiles to create a feeling of open space. If you are feeling a little more adventurous try bright coloured kitchen or bathroom wall tiles to lift your spirits.

If we are unfortunate enough to experience yet another terrible wet summer this year, consider installing floor tiles. They are a much better option than carpet if you are experiencing  repeated flooding and certainly much easier to keep clean if you and your family are constantly tracking muddy feet across the floor.

Tiles4all are hoping for a long hot summer, are you? Take a look at our fabulous selection of wall and floor tiles and be prepared for whatever the weather throws at you.