Once bonfire night is out of the way you know that Christmas is not very far behind. We are already starting to notice that a lot of our customers are coming to us looking for wall and floor tiles to complete their home improvement projects before the festive season begins.

rustic kitchen tiles

New kitchens and bathrooms seem to be top of the list for most people and this time of year is great to find a little inspiration; shades of autumn work perfectly well in the home and look particularly great in rustic styled homes. Terracotta, brown, beige, gold and copper are all popular tones that add a sense of warmth and comfort; they look amazing in kitchens and variations of these types of shades can be found in kitchen wall tiles, both in ceramic or natural stone. Tumbled edges and textured surfaces all add to the rustic vibe.

Floor tiles are also available to complete the look, porcelain interpretations of natural stone are both practical and durable with very little maintenance involved. Add some underfloor heating and your kitchen or bathroom will be set for the coming winter.

So if you are rushing to finish a winter makeover, now is a great time to start looking for the essential finishing touches such as wall tiles, floor tiles, mosaics and coloured grouts.

If you are not sure what colours work well together just take inspiration from the fabulous array of natural shades that can be found outdoors right now!

Tiles4all Loves Grey Tiles!

bathroom wall tilesGrey is a much berated colour, often seen as gloomy or boring. But this is not always true, grey can be sophisticated, stylish and chic. Dressing head to toe in grey can make you disappear into the background, but if you add a flash of colour all of a sudden your boring grey outfit suddenly stands out from the crowd.

This is exactly the same with tiles, grey wall tiles are very popular right now and that’s because everyone is starting to realise just how versatile they are. Have you ever considered just how many colours work really well with grey tiles? The combinations are endless from pale pastels to bright jewel shades and even strong masculine colours.

Grey tiles are definitely not boring they are a great excuse to accessorise to your hearts content.

Add grey tiles to your shopping list at tiles4all, we have a great selection at some really great prices!

Jeremy Paxmans New Beard IsTrending On Twitter – Bathroom Tiles!

Never before has a beard caused such a tremendous fuss, can you believe that Jeremy Packman’s new facial fuzz is actually trending on twitter?

Do you think that beards are acceptable in the work place or does it even matter? It certainly seems to have worked for Noel Edmonds and Captain Birdseye!

Growing a beard does have some advantages; it means that you can spend less time on shaving and more time enjoying a nice long hot, invigorating shower in the mornings.

So why not create a beard friendly zone in your bathroom with bathroom tiles from tiles4all. We stock a huge range of bathroom wall tiles suitable for bathrooms and shower areas. We also stock floor tiles and mosaics so that you can be as creative as you like with your bathroom décor.

Take a look at tiles4all for our full range of affordable bathroom tiles.


White Bathroom Wall Tiles

Are you thinking of re-tiling your bathroom, but are not quite sure what colour of bathroom wall tiles to use?

If you are stuck in a quandary and are unsure of which colour would look best; try white wall tiles. It may seem like a bit of mundane and boring colour to go for, but actually white bathroom wall tiles are so versatile and they will give you a multitude of options for accessories.

If you really don’t want your bathroom to be a total vision in white, consider adding a mosaic feature panel or border. Mosaics are a great way to add interest and texture to white bathroom wall tiles. They are available in all kinds of designs, colours and types.

Take a look at the tiles4all website for a superb selection of affordable white bathroom wall tiles.