Tiles4all’s Customers Love This Product, Find Out What We Are talking About Now!

Read on to find out what all our customers are raving about!

This product is an absolute favourite with many of our customers. Property developers buy it in bulk and even students have been known to buy it to spruce up their digs at the end of term.

It can transform your bathroom tiles!

Do you want to know what this wonder product is?

Of course you do, because it will save you hours of scrubbing your bathroom walls this weekend.

What is this wonder product you may ask?

HG Mouldspray is a bleach based spray that will clean up grout between your bathroom tiles and tackle ingrained mould.

Those awful mouldy silicone seals around bathroom windows that you may think are beyond rescue will be transformed before your  very eyes.

Give Mouldspray a try and you will be hooked forever!

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