Tiles4all’s One Way Trip To Mars!

MarsWould you go on a one way trip to Mars? Its human nature to want to explore new lands and distant shores, but isn’t Mars just a little too extreme? Just what has the Red Planet got to offer apart from extreme cold, radiation, and very little water? The atmosphere is very thin and as far as we know there are no native locals, but if there was, we probably should be very, very scared!

If you are crazy enough, sorry adventurous enough to want to move sticks and readjust to life on Mars, then you should probably get your application in to the Dutch company, Mars One. They have already received thousands of applications for their proposed plans to colonise Mars.

If you are not that adventurous, staying home with your feet up is probably a better option. Even though we all occasionally get a little bored with day to day life, you really can’t beat a few home comforts. 

What’s better than sinking into a lovely warm bath in a beautiful bathroom, complete with beautiful bathroom tiles? Or spending an afternoon baking apple pie, muffins, fairy cakes or scones in a snug comfortable kitchen?

At tiles4all we have a fabulous selection of bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles that will ensure you never want to leave home. All our bathroom and kitchen tiles are available to buy online and we deliver all over the country. But not quite as far as Mars, not yet anyway!


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