Tools for Tiling a Wall

There aren’t many jobs that can transfer a room as quickly and a satisfactory as tiling walls, and if you’re a practical person you can do it easily providing that you get the basics right. Tiles can be fairly heavy as you know if you’ve shifted several boxes of them, so you need a firm, secure and relatively flat surface to mount them on. Tile adhesive gives a rock solid grip to the back of the tile and the wall, it’s also designed to fill gaps meaning that small surface variations are fine but don’t expect the adhesive to act as a plaster replacement for a wall with lumps and hollows.

You can tile on top of most sand wall surfaces including previously tiles areas along as you prepare them properly, you’ve probably already got some of the essential tools you need:

A Stanley knife, scraper, spirit level, hammer, nails and tape measure, eye protection goggles, rubber gloves and a sponge but you’ll also need a tile market pen, a notched trowel for applying adhesive, a grouting float, tile nippers and a tile cutter. Nearly all of these tools are available from our online store –

it’s also important to think about your safety because tile fragments can be as sharp as glass, so you need to protect your hands and eyes when cutting, tile adhesive can also irritate the skin and if it start to dry on your hands you’ll really know about it, it can also stick to your nails as firmly as it stick to the wall so wear rubber gloves.

Always read manufacturers instructions and if you’re concerned about any aspects of the job feel free to contact the Tiles4All team who’ll be more than happy to help you.

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