Waterproofing Kits For A Stress Free Shower Experience

waterproofing kit for showersAt this time of year, a nice hot shower is just what you need to kick start your day. But did you know that a little preparation before tiling a new shower area can save you a lot of potential stress at a later date?

Using a tanking kit before tiling, such as the Ardex Waterproof Coating System can prevent water damage to walls and floors. This simple to use product consists of an Acrylic waterproof coating (2 part, liquid and cement based reactive powder) and a roll of mesh for extra protection around joints. This will then create a safe waterproof layer to tile on to; tiling with appropriate cement based flexible adhesive and grout can then commence 90 minutes after the waterproof system has been applied.

So don’t let water damage ruin your day; enjoy a stress free shower with the help of tiles4all’s professional tiling products.

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