Adhesive and Grout for Natural Stone

Date: June 15 2018 9:35AM

Adhesive and grouts for natural stone

Tiles4all have a selection of beautiful cheap natural stone mosaics that will add character and charm to your home. But if you are thinking about making a purchase then there are a few considerations for you to take into account, especially when it comes to selecting your adhesives and grouts. All natural stone is porous so care should be taken to seal the surface with a suitable natural stone sealer before the tiles are grouted.

To avoid any discolouration showing through translucent, light coloured natural stone tiles it is recommended that a white rapid setting cement based adhesive is used and this will need to be flexible if bonded to a substrate that will be subjected to movement such as timber. Also the colour of your grout should be similar to that of your tiles, for instance Mapei ultracolur 132 beige grout and ultracolur 130 jasmine grout are both neutral in colour.