Finding the Right Grout for Your Tiles

Date: April 20 2018 12:11PM

Grouts for Tiling Making the Right Choice!

Selecting the right grout for your tiling project can make all the difference, not only do they have practical properties they also are available in a variety of shades that will enhance and compliment your tiles.

There are some key elements to consider when choosing your grouts, for instance will the area you are grouting be exposed to water, frost, heat or movement? Also some grouts are suitable for wall and floor but there are also grouts that are only suitable for walls. Always check manufacturer’s instructions and seek professional advice if you are unsure of suitability.

Tiles should always be laid with appropriate grout spaces and these can vary depending on the tiles and area that you are tiling. Wall tiles generally don’t need as much space between them as a floor tile. The reason for this is that floor tiles tend to be larger format and subjected to greater substrate movement. Butting your tiles too close together could cause them to lift, if movement in the substrate occurs!

Some grouts such as Mapei Ultracolor are now available with anti-mould protection to keep your grout looking it’s best for much longer also these sorts of products will usually have water repellent properties making them ideal for bathrooms and shower areas.

Choosing the colour of your grout can make all the difference to the overall look of your room, a darker colour on the floor is always a good idea to diminish the problematic issue of keeping your grout looking clean, a mid tone grey will blend nicely, and be relatively easy to maintain.