Getting Old; Tiles not You!

Date: Mar 25 2018 12:26PM

Getting old!

Eventually it creeps up on all of us; it starts with a few grey hairs and the odd twinge here and there. But before you know where you are old age has caught up with you and that odd twinge has turned into arthritis and something as simple as having a bath has turned into a major task.

Now once you get to this stage in life you can go either of two ways, firstly you could rig up a complicated hoist and pulley system so that you can still indulge in a long luxurious bath. Or secondly you could rip out your old bath and replace it with an easy access shower or wet room.

Of course this can be a costly option, but at tiles4all there is a huge choice of quality bathroom tiles for you to choose from as well as useful products and accessories to help with the process.