1980s: TV, style and tiles

Date: 19/2/19

With the month-long slog that’s January done and dusted, we’re left with a strange feeling that the 80s are back (or a slightly dystopian version of the decade that taste forgot). Maybe that’s because we binge-watched Maniac on Netflix, tried to find all the different endings on Bandersnatch (impossible) and, open-mouthed, watched the fascinating (we really do mean it) Bros documentary.

Yes, there were some truly atrocious fashion and interior design trends in the 80s … peach bathroom carpets, fluffy toilet-seat covers, cycling shorts, mullets … but there were also some fabulous bits (personal opinion only, you are more than welcome to disagree) … puffball skirts, the New Romantics, neon signs in the house, neon in general, Bananarama, black and white checker-board interiors … ahhh, nostalgia!

If you now feel bereft at the lack of 80s fabulousness, have eyed your tasteful interior design with rueful (read disappointed) acceptance then you should check out our 80s tiles, get out your tape measure and start plotting your homage to the decade of excess.

If there’s no such thing as too bright, check out:

Green Gloss

Orange Gloss

Red Gloss

Or if monochrome is more your 80s ideal:

Super White Polished Porcelain

Blackstone Tiles

Or a little bit of futuristic textured silver:

Solar Silver Stone Effect Tiles