Organize Your Bathroom Clutter

organise your bathroomWe often enter into bathroom renovations with great trepidation, but fingers crossed everything goes well and the finished room looks so stunning that we have to keep going in there to admire our fabulous taste and style. Checking at regular intervals to make sure that our unruly families haven’t ruined the effect by leaving wet towels on the floor, cosmetics scattered everywhere or sticky finger marks on our beautiful new bathroom tiles.

But enforcing military style training on your family is not the only way to keep your bathroom tidy. Encourage them by having organised storage. Beautiful shelving baskets and containers can be used to keep bathroom essentials together giving a more attractive uncluttered feel. Hooks and hangers made specially to fit at the back of doors means there is always somewhere to hang bathrobes and towels. Invest in a spare loo roll holder that can be fixed to your bathroom wall tiles, so that you and your family or guests are never caught short.keep things tidy with a towel hanger

If all else fails and your errant family are resisting all subtle and not so subtle hints to keep things tidy then you could attempt  to train your pet dog to retrieve towels from the floor and deposit in the laundry bin. Then at least you can admire the lovely bathroom floor tiles that you spent the last 6 months choosing!

Floor Tiles -Tiddles The Cat!

It was one busy Saturday afternoon that one of our customers gave us one of the very best reasons for making a tile purchase. Usually our customers are looking for cheap wall tiles or floor tiles to add to the value of their homes and to give a good aesthetic pleasing look. But not this customer, their poor unfortunate aging pet cat was now incontinent and the carpet that they had, really wasn’t helping the matter. So with this in mind a tile purchase seemed to be the best plan of action.

But of course when you think about it, floor tiles are an excellent idea if you have pets, we have already discovered that Rex the dog loves underfloor heating and generally won’t be budged from his favourite cosy spot.

porcelain floor tiles are probably the best option to maintain tabby cathygiene and cleanliness if you are a pet owner. Cats of course are notorious for bringing those rather less than delightful gifts from outside into your home, so it’s good to know that darling fluffy’s lovely little  present can easily be disposed of and the floor area fumigated without to much fuss.

Recycling Tiles

Tiles have been around in one form or another for many years, but just why have they been so popular for over a thousand years?

Well, tiles are made from a sustainable source with traditions and techniques having been handed down and perfected from generation to generation. There have been many artisans and craftsmen over the years contributing to the wealth of styles and patterns available to us.

tile coasterWith just a few innovative ideas tiles can be recycled which is great for our pockets and our planet too! Plain white cheap gloss ceramic tiles make great artists palettes and are easily cleaned ready for the next time. Patterned tiles can be glued to cork or felt to make coasters or even framed to make a decorative feature. Mosaics have many uses and can be used to decorate all kinds of wonderful things, such as mirrors and tables etc. Old broken or cheap bathroom wall tiles and kitchen wall tiles can be used for aiding drainage in the bottom of your plant pots though do be careful of sharp edges!

So, when you have purchased  new tiles, with just a little imagination you may find new inventive ways to reuse your old tiles, which is also a great eco friendly way to save money!

Shopping For Tiles With Children And A Husband In Tow!

Tile shopping with your husband can be traumatic at the best of times, but throw a toddler and a couple of bored teenagers in to the mix and you and the poor tile shop assistants may need a dose of valium to get you through the experience.

But don’t worry there is hope for you!

Tiles4all have a great range of cheap wall tiles and cheap floor tiles to view and purchase at your convenience. So why not lock your husband in the garden shed along with a keg of his favourite beer, bribe your teenager to babysit the toddler, grab yourself a cuppa or indeed a lovely glass of wine and peruse our fabulous selection of tiles?

Lastly don’t forget to let your inebriated husband out of the shed!

Do Your Furry Friends Love Underfloor Heating?


There are lots of really great reasons to buy tiles, they are easy to keep clean and hygienic, they are durable and long lasting, they don’t fade and they are reasonably cheap to buy. You can combine your floor tiles with underfloor heating for extra comfort and warmth that you will love, but it not just you and your family that will love this extra comfort. We have found at tiles4all that our furry friends are delighted with our newly purchased underfloor heating systems.

rex loves underfloor heating We would like to introduce you to Rex the dog, a well loved member of the tiles4all family. After recently purchasing new floor  tiles and underfloor heating system Rex’s owner discovered that it was not only the family that  were happy with the newly installed heated floor but Rex seems to be delighted with it too! So much so, that he is often found hogging all the best spaces with a rather smug contented look on his face. If you have had a similar experience with your pets we would love to hear from you!