A trip or slip can happen anywhere

Date: Aug 05 2018 11:24AM

What is your main concern when choosing bathroom floor tiles?

Are you worried about slipping in the bathroom? We find that this is one of the main concerns of our customers when choosing bathroom floor tiles.So what can you do to avoid landing in a crumpled heap on your bathroom floor? Firstly choose your floor tiles wisely, polished floor tiles look amazing, but be aware that they will be slippery, especially when wet!

Floor tiles with a textured surface are always going to give a better grip than something with a smooth surface. Anti-slip floor tiles are ideal for use in bathrooms and wet rooms; they provide a little more security underfoot. These types of floor tiles are specially designed and tested for use in wet areas; they have a more pronounced textured feel for extra grip.

The really great thing about floor tiles is that they are so durable and easy to clean, making them an ideal choice for bathrooms. A few practical things that you can do to reduce accidents in the bathroom are to use rubber backed bath mat and to mop up water splashes after using the bath or shower. Under floor heating will also help to dry your bathroom floor more quickly.

There is such a wide range of fabulous bathroom floor tiles available and the choices are endless. Making the right choice means that you will love your new bathroom floor tiles for a very long time. For more information about bathroom floor tiles, under floor heating and anti-slip floor tiles take a look at our website.