Add Character and Colour with Mosaic Tiles

Date: JUNE 19 2018 4:17PM

Add Character with Colour - Tiles And Mosaics

We often use colour to add character to our homes, the colours that we choose are often a reflection of our moods and personalities. The ancient art of Feng Shui has been used for many years to create a positive energy around the home by manipulating the use of colour and space.

If you want to create energy and vitality in your bathroom or kitchen why not try a vibrant red wall tile? Red is traditionally seen as a very auspicious colour, often a symbol of true love and prosperity.

Blue is the perfect colour for a bathroom, a blue wall tile or mosaic will create a relaxing feel that will remind you of azure seas and blue skies.

White is the colour of purity and will give a clean Zen like feel to your bathroom or kitchen.

Black is bold and dramatic, giving a sense of strength, mystery and magic. Use a black wall or floor tile and you will certainly make a statement.