Affordable Ways of using Mosaics in the Home

Date: Oct 19 2018 4:24PM

Affordable ways of using mosaics in the home!

Though mosaics look sensational when tiled over a large area they can be expensive, so if you want mosaic tiles in your home but don’t want the expense what are your options?

There are a number of ways of introducing mosaic in to your interior designs. For instance have you ever thought about tiling a bath panel with mosaics? A simple bath panel can be transformed in to a real feature with the help of some really eye-catching mosaic tiles. The sizeable choice and availability at tiles4all means that you can choose a mosaic that will either tone in or contrast with your main body of bathroom wall and floor tiles. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to a full panel then you can reduce your costs by running a smaller feature band of mosaics either vertically or horizontally across the panel. This will still look effective but will save you quite a bit of your expenditure.

Most mosaics come supplied on a mesh sheet that is around 300 x 300mm this means that you only need 8-9 sheets to create a foot wide feature panel from floor to ceiling height in your bathroom. Place this panel running vertically from the top edge of your bath to the ceiling and you would need even less.

The versatility of mosaics means that they can be cut in to various widths to create borders; this is an extremely economical way of using mosaics. A 300 x 300mm sheet with individual mosaic pieces of 25mm cut in to widths of 2 deep would give you a run of 1.8 linear metres; just think what you could do with just a few sheets at relatively little cost.

So whether you want to introduce mosaics in to your bathroom or even your kitchen there are many economical ways of doing so!

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