Exciting New Tiles, Offers and Inspiration at Tiles4all

Is it just us or is everyone in the mood for a spring makeover? Here at Tiles4all we love this time of year, the days are getting longer and we are starting to feel the buzz of excitement as we start to plan our new tile ranges for the year ahead.

So if you are looking for a great bargain or just a little inspiration for your home projects take a look at our website we have so much to offer.

The Tiles4all website is always full of really great offers, just perfect for anyone that wants to update their home on a limited budget.

Take a look at our fabulous selection of wood effect floor tiles they go with almost anything and are definitely a bargain.

Kitchen tiles are available in an array of different formats, the metro styles are still extremely popular but there are also some exciting new additions to our ranges so why not try something new?

Mosaics are a great addition to a bathroom or kitchen and can be used in so many different ways to achieve some excellent results. We have a selection of beautiful glass and natural stone mosaics to choose from all competitively priced.

These are just a selection of items on offer at Tiles4all but there is so much more to take a look at, so whether you are planning a complete new room or just replacing a few tiles we have so much more for you at Tiles4all.co.uk


Happy Halloween From Tiles4all

Halloween At Tiles4allTiles4all wishes all our customers a Happy, spooky, scary Halloween.

Did you know that Halloween has its origins in an ancient Irish, Gaelic festival that marked the end of the harvest festival and the beginning of the harsh dark winter nights? This festival was known as Samhain and was celebrated between sunset on the 31st of October and sunset on the 1st of November. This ancient festival has many links to mythological rituals and believes including the idea that the spirits of dead souls could enter into our own realm on this special night to attend family feasts.

Have You Got That Friday Feeling?

sunshineHave you got that Friday feeling? The weekend is just around the corner and it looks as though it’s going to be another great one, packed with lots of sunshine. Hasn’t it been great to have a long summer this year?

Whatever the weather has installed for us, you know that tiles4all are here for all your tiling requirements. So why not go off this weekend and enjoy the last flush of summer, safe in the knowledge that you can do all your online tile shopping with us whenever you want to!

Tiles4all wishes all their customers and followers on twitter and Facebook a really great weekend.