Cleaning Products for Tiles

Date: Sept 21 2018 11:17AM

Cleaning Products for Tiles

Sometimes tiles need a little TLC to keep them looking in tip top condition, so if they are starting to look a bit neglected then it might just be time to give them a treat. A range of products are available to help clean your tiles so whether you have a particular problem or just need a general spruce up tiles4all have a selection of speciality cleaning products that can really help.

For a general clean try the All for Stone Ezyclean, it’s a great product for daily cleaning and also has a fresh lemon scent. If you need something with a little more attitude then we also stock All for stone Xtreme Clean or Microscrub, both these products are powerful cleaners and can also remove wax’s and sealers. Take a look at our website for more detailed information!

Occasionally problems can arise after tiles are freshly laid, a grout haze can often be left behind which is not always easy to remove. Grout Haze Plus is a specific acid treatment that will remove residual grout haze from tiles that are non-polished or acid sensitive.

So whatever job you have whether it’s simply cleaning a bath or giving your tiles a spring clean with Ezyclean we have a great range of helpful products that will help make your task a just that little bit easier.