Are you a List Maker?

Date: Dec 21 2018 11:56AM

Are you a list maker?

Lots of us have already discovered the benefits of making lists, they come in all kinds of different categories such as shopping lists, to do lists and even bucket lists. Why are lists so great? Obviously they help us to remember the things that we kneed to do every day; they also can give us a feeling of achievement as well as inspiring us to do more. So with spring just a few months away it might just be the right time to start making a DIY shopping list!

A tiling project requires planning and preparation, so making a list in the initial stages will give you a good starting point. Whether you are tiling your kitchen or bathroom there are a number of things that you will need. Tiles of course are right at the top of your list, but you will also need appropriate adhesives, grouts, spacer crosses, tile trims, notched trowels, a grout float and a mixing bucket as well as a variety of specialised tiling tools. Check out our website for everything you need to complete your tiling DIY list.