Easy Clean Bathroom Tiles

Date: Dec 19 2018 3:06PM

A recent survey suggests that 1 in 10 of us hasn’t cleaned the bathroom for at least a month and the reasons for this are; we just haven’t got the time, we have got better things to do, we just don’t like cleaning and we don’t think that we are any good at cleaning.

What’s the longest you have ever left your bathroom before cleaning it and would you be too embarrassed to admit it?

If you are not a big fan of cleaning then there are few little things that you can do to keep things ship shape with the minimum amount of effort.

When you are buying bathroom tiles, you may want to consider the smooth option, bathroom tiles with a textured surface will hold the dirt, making them a little trickier to clean, but a smooth tile surface can be cleaned in no time at all. Choose a wall and bathroom floor tile with a surface that has variegated tones, they are perfect for hiding any discretions in your cleaning habits! Also take the time to consider the type of grout that you use, these days there are grouts available such as the Mapei range that have anti fungal properties, they will look fresher for much longer. A darker shade of grout on the floor will also hide a multitude of sins.

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