No More Ply Backer Board for Tiled Floors

Date: Dec 20 2018 1:27PM

No More Ply Strong Durable 6mm Backer Board

No More Ply is the new innovative and cost effective way to board out your floors, this cement based board gives a great rigid surface for tiling onto and with a depth of only 6mm there is none of the usual problems with raised levels that you can have using 18mm plywood when boarding out floor areas.

Approved by the British Board of Agreement and guaranteed for 25 years No More Ply is strong, durable, impervious to moisture, heat resisting and insulating. It is recommended that these cement based backer boards are used with other No More Ply products such as the handy tungsten coated double tipped No More Plyscoring knife, Mega Strength Adhesive, self- drilling and countersinking 25mm screws and the SBR primer.

No More Ply For Timber And Concrete Floors

All timber surfaces must be clean and screwed down firmly before overboarding commences. Two evenly spaced concentric squares of mega strength adhesive should be applied to the back of the board before being laid into position and screwed down; you should be aiming to use 8 screws per sheet. A small amount of Mega Strength Adhesive can then be applied to the edge of the board before fixing the next one, take care to stagger the joints. Once complete the boards should be primed with SBR. Though if you are using underfloor heating then priming both the underside and topside with1 part SBR to 3 parts water will help to reflect heat. Once everything is ready tiling can begin and a flexible cement based floor adhesive should be used.

When tiling concrete floors the substrate should be clean and sound, any loose areas should be removed. Both the floor and both sides of the backer boards should then be primed with 1 part SBR to 3 parts water. No More Ply should then be laid using a single part flexible rapid setting adhesive, ensuring that all joints are staggered.

No More Ply For Solid Walls

With a load baring capacity of 65kg per m² and a water resistant surface No More Ply is also great for overboarding solid flat interior walls. Prime your walls with 1 part SBR to 3 parts water, then dot and dab a single part flexible adhesive onto the surface of the backerboards. The boards can then be fixed to the wall and once you have checked that it is level, a length of Mega Strength Adhesive can be applied along the joint before the next board is fitted and of course joints should be staggered. Once the boards are firmly attached and the entire adhesive has dried, a coat of 1 part SBR to 3 parts water can be applied to the surface.

Please Note: The No More 6mm Ply Boards Now Come Pre-primed.