Don't Underestimate a Grey Tile!

Date: Sep 20 2018 4:05PM

Don’t Underestimate a Grey Tile!

Have you ever noticed how brilliant grey looks with other colours? Grey is often used to describe something boring or dreary, but this year grey has become the fashionable colour of choice. From home wares, wall paper, paint, textiles and tiles; shades of grey are making an appearance all over the High Street.

Here at Tiles4all we have always known the value of a good grey tile; they are just so easy to accessorise and always look fresh and contemporary. Grey tiles look great in both kitchens and bathrooms; they are the perfect partnership with granite worktops and look amazing with chrome taps and trims. Add a bright pop of colour such as mustard, fuchsia or jade for a really up to the minute look.

If you think a grey wall tile will make your room look cold and dark, do not worry there is a shade and style to suit every type of interior location. Good lighting and grey tiles with a gloss surface will always make the most of any areas with little natural daylight.

The variety and choice of grey tiles is enormous, from small to large, modern to rustic, matt to gloss, wall tiles, floor tiles and mosaic tiles; grey tiles are everyware right now!

So if you are thinking of giving your bathroom or kitchen a makeover this year, don’t neglect the not so humble grey tile!!