Have a Look at our Favourite Tiles

Date: Dec 20 2018 3:37PM

Floor Tile Favourites!

What are your preferences for floor covering, wood, laminate, carpet or tiles? Some of our customers come to us undecided and unsure of which way to go. We always advise them that porcelain or ceramic floor tiles are a really great choice but of course we are slightly biased; we can’t help but love our own product!

Putting bias aside there are many advantageous benefits to fitting floor tiles in your home. They are incredibly practical, they are easily cleaned, and they are available in a vast array of different sizes, textures and colours. Floor tiles are also really great for use with underfloor heating, keeping your feet warm and cosy when the weather starts to turn a little cooler.

Porcelain and ceramic floor tiles are incredibly versatile and are often manufactured to look like something else such as slate, travertine or even wood. We have recently added to our superb range of fabulous affordable floor tiles which now includes a new range of ceramic wood effect floor tiles. They are a great option for bathrooms; unlike the real thing they won’t warp or require any sanding or varnishing!

Now are you starting to see why we are such a fan of floor tiles?