Coronation Street - Tiles For a Period Property

Date: June 14 2018 3:59PM

Coronation Street- Tiles For A Period Property

As one of our longest running TV programmes, Coronation Street has remained popular for many years. But just what do we find so fascinating about this long standing soap? Is it the humour, the intrigue, the gossip, the day to day life of ordinary people or just the general skulduggery?

Whatever the reason, Coronation Street is a great archive for our ever changing domestic fashions. This fictional street, named in celebration of King Edward the VII’s coronation, has a back story that dates the construction of the Victorian properties to around 1900 – 1902.

Of course an original property of this period would have seen many changes over the decades, with the addition of a bathroom, toilet and updated kitchen.

This all leaves lots of potential for choosing bathroom and kitchen wall and floor tiles. So what sort of tiles should you be looking at, for this type of property? Well as we have seen on Coronation Street, any thing goes! Though it is quite nice to keep the original features of a period property, it isn’t always practical with a growing modern family. Most people like to add a modern touch to their homes.

Taking the size of rooms in to account is a good starting point. Victorian terraced properties tend to have smaller rooms and of course would originally have had outside toilets and the bathroom would have been a tin bath in front of the hearth. Fortunately things have changed since then and rooms have generally been added or converted to accommodate a bathroom and toilet. This smaller room size means that a moderate size of wall and floor tile is a much more practical option. Lighter neutral colours are a timeless classic and will give a light airy feel to your rooms.

Modern porcelain floor tiles are available in various sizes, these are ideal for a period property kitchen.