Hot Bathroom Tile Trends For 2013

blue marble and glass mosaicAre you ready for a new look for your home this year? When sunshine is in short supply, we turn to changing things around the home to lift our sprits and a fresh new look can breathe vitality back into your home and your life.

 So what’s hot right now for interior fashions?

Current trends for this season include flashes of indigo and emerald green. Orange is still hot this year and works brilliantly with a more natural inspired colour palette.

Textured bathroom wall tiles are very popular this summer and are a great way to inject a little interest, personality and style to your bathroom.

Nature has inspired a lot of this years designs and bringing the outdoors inside is key to creating this look. Natural stone tiles are a great way of doing this; they are certainly a beautiful way of harnessing the natural elements for our own benefit.

Natural stone can be combined with more modern elements such as glass and metal to create beautiful mosaics that can be used in bathrooms or kitchens to create a fabulous feature or splashback.

Whatever you decide to do, have fun and play around with a few ideas to create your own individual look.

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