How to use Mosaic Tiles in your Kitchen or Bathroom.

Date: July 21 2018 12:28PM

How can I make my bathroom or kitchen look extra special? Ideas for using mosaics.

Customers often tell us that they want something really special for their kitchens and bathrooms, something that will last and still look stylish in 20 years time. If you want to create something really special for your home, consider using mosaics. They are so versatile and can be used in many different ways to create a unique look. Use glass mosaics in your kitchen as a feature behind a hob or as a splashback behind your sink and units. This will instantly create a designer look for your kitchen, whilst adding colour and just a hint of glamour.

And if you want to create something a little more rugged then natural stone mosaics will definitely fit the bill. Give your shower area a makeover; mosaics will instantly add a luxurious spa like feel to your room. A mosaic feature panel in your bathroom will create a fabulous focal point; add a chrome trim to each side of your panel for extra style and panache. Mosaics make excellent borders and their mesh backing means that sheets can be easily cut to whatever width you may require.

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