What Is The Trend For Bathroom And Kitchen Tiles?

Date: Dec 21 2018 12:34PM

What Is The Trend For Bathroom And Kitchen Tiles? If you are still living with bathroom or kitchen wall tiles that are at least 20 years old you will notice a huge change in current styles.

You may have noticed that wall and floor tiles have become much larger in recent years. We find that a lot of our customers haven’t changed their tiles for a while and think that smaller tiles are preferable. It’s not until we show them that a slightly larger tile can actually make their room look more spacious and modern that they really appreciate the changes they can make to give their homes a more updated feel. Shopping for tiles has changed dramatically in the last 20 years so it’s not surprising that a lot of our customers feel a little overwhelmed at the choice available.

This year’s interior trend sees feature walls becoming a big hit, especially in the bathroom. Accent wall tiles are gradually taking over from the usual border tiles that have been so popular over the last few years. Décor tiles with a variety of raised textured designs or mosaic effects make excellent feature wall tiles and will really add impact to your room. A feature wall can be any wall that you want to make a focal point, shower cubicles, areas around the bath or alcoves behind kitchen hobs are all great places to consider.

Natural earthy tones are still very much in demand and are expected be around for quite some time, use this blend of tone and texture to bring your interior décor right up to date. Some of the best on trend designs are brought to life with amazing accessories. Look for anything tasteful and unusual that has plenty of character or a bright pop of colour.