How to Light your Bathroom

Date: March 13 2018 3:32PM

Lighting your bathroom

Finding the perfect bathroom tiles can be time consuming and problematic, especially when you think you have found just what you are looking for, only to get them home and find the colour looks nothing like you thought. With this in mind it is always a good idea to try samples at home first. There are many aspects that can affect the way your tiles look and the kind of light you have both natural and artificial play a big part in this. Make the most of any natural light that you have by keeping your windows uncluttered. Never look at your tile samples outside, as this kind of natural light is not replicated in an indoor environment.

Different types of artificial light can dramatically alter the look and mood of your bathroom. So taking a little time to consider your lighting options is time well spent. With lots to choose from your options are numerous from downlighters and spotlights to fluorescents and single light fittings. Consider the kind of mood you want to invoke and also any practicalities such as having the correct light for applying makeup or having a shave. Maybe different areas in your bathroom will benefit from extra lighting. Think about using dimmer switches for when you want to take it down a notch, harsh lighting is not the best for a relaxing ambience! Whatever you decide it essential to check that your chosen lighting is suitable for a bathroom environment.