Parquet Flooring on a Budget

Date: 1/10/19

Parquet flooring is so beautiful! Classic and modern all in one go, plus it’s a timeless style choice for your home. If you don’t have the largest budget, or a beautifully maintained period property, how can you achieve this classic look? Tiles! Not the obvious choice for a wood flooring substitute but tiles are an excellent way to get the look you want at a fraction of the price of real wooden parquet flooring.

However you’d like to style your parquet flooring, our tiles will give you a good base. Whether you’re looking for classic dark herringbone styling for a dining room or light bleached grey wood to use in an open plan living space have a look at our range of tiles. Now, we don’t want to go rouge on you but parquet tile aren’t just for the floor, you could use them as a feature wall of kitchen splashback, just imagine how fabulous that could look!

As well as being cheaper than hardwood flooring, wood effect tiles are hardwearing than laminate and won’t warp if you use them in the kitchen or bathroom. Plus, tiles are really easy to keep clean, which for any reluctant cleaner has to be a bonus.