Recycling Tiles

Date: Dec 20 2018 4:00PM

Recycling Tiles

Tiles have been around in one form or another for many years, but just why have they been so popular for over a thousand years?

Well, tiles are made from a sustainable source with traditions and techniques having been handed down and perfected from generation to generation. There have been many artisans and craftsmen over the years contributing to the wealth of styles and patterns available to us.

With just a few innovative ideas tiles can be recycled which is great for our pockets and our planet too! Plain white cheap gloss ceramic tiles make great artists palettes and are easily cleaned ready for the next time. Patterned tiles can be glued to cork or felt to make coasters or even framed to make a decorative feature. Mosaics have many uses and can be used to decorate all kinds of wonderful things, such as mirrors and tables etc. Old broken or bathroom wall tiles and kitchen wall tiles can be used for aiding drainage in the bottom of your plant pots though do be careful of sharp edges!

So, when you have purchased new tiles, with just a little imagination you may find new inventive ways to reuse your old tiles, which is also a great eco friendly way to save money.