Using Modern Mosaic Tiles

Date: Jan 27 2019 3:10PM

Add a modern twist to an old favourite, mosaic tiles may have been around for thousands of years but that doesn’t mean that they are tired old fashioned and dull. In fact mosaics have come a long way in recent times; there are now a wealth of different designs, colours, textures and sizes available. Some of the modern mosaics have fabulous iridescent colours that can enhance your interior décor enormously.

Incredibly useful, mosaics can be used to create a spa like feel in your shower or bath area; they can also create eye-catching splashbacks around hobs, sinks and basins. Most mosaics are on a mesh backing that can be cut to create border strips that can then be used in conjunction with bathroom or kitchen wall tiles to create very pleasing designs.

The huge range of mosaics available means that there is a colour or style to suit absolutely everyone’s taste.

Go ahead create something really special with mosaics!