Finishing Touches and Final Flourishes

Date: Jan 13 2019 1:33PM

Those Finishing Touches and Final Flourishes

You have finally finished your tiling and everything is plumbed in and fitted to your exacting specifications, but something is missing!

Those final finishing touches can make all the difference to a room. So if you have managed to save a little of your budgets on some fabulous affordable tiles, then don’t forget to put a little aside for some essential extras.

Ceramic soap dishes, dispensers and toilet brush holders can be bought in a wide variety of styles and colours that will co-ordinate or contrast with your bathroom tiles to create your own individual look. Towels and blinds can be used to add bright splashes of colour that you can easily change to suit your mood. Mirrors can be personalised by using mosaics to create a practical and unique feature.

Kitchens can also be accessorised and again towels and blinds will add a flash of colour and interest to your units and kitchen tiles. Retro bread bins, canisters, kettles and toasters are still in vogue, though if you are looking for something a little more contemporary then there are some funky designs in a fabulous array of colours available. Vases, fruit bowls and personal items can add character. Keep it simple and don’t try to add to much as the last thing you want is to swamp your new kitchen or bathroom with clutter.