Tiddles the Cat! Pets and Carpet Don't Mix

Date: Dec 20 2018 1:36PM

Tiddles the cat!

It was one busy Saturday afternoon that one of our customers gave us one of the very best reasons for making a tile purchase. Usually our customers are looking for affordable wall tiles or floor tiles to add to the value of their homes and to give a good aesthetic pleasing look. But not this customer, their poor unfortunate aging pet cat was now incontinent and the carpet that they had, really wasn’t helping the matter. So with this in mind a tile purchase seemed to be the best plan of action.

But of course when you think about it, floor tiles are an excellent idea if you have pets, we have already discovered that Rex the dog loves underfloor heating and generally won’t be budged from his favourite cosy spot.

Porcelain floor tiles are probably the best option to maintain hygiene and cleanliness if you are a pet owner cats of course are notorious for bringing those rather less than delightful gifts from outside into your home, so it’s good to know that darling fluffy’s lovely little present can easily be disposed of and the floor area fumigated without to much fuss.